My Office, Rearranged

I’ve already shown you what my office doesn’t look like. Would you like to see the way it does look now?

My Office

The new storage is comprised of two Effektiv units with doors, and knobs from Anthropologie. I framed a giant print of Eleanor because that photo just cracks me up. I credit Jules with the idea to frame such a large portrait, though she has been enamored with the idea since seeing Jen’s take on it. And really, I should give credit to my uncle too, a former professional photographer who has a similarly scaled photo of my sister and me as kids in his dining room.

My Office

My cubes (an IKEA expedit) have been moved across the room. They’re now where my desk used to be.

My Office

There’s a big open space in the middle of the room for Eleanor to play. Eventually we’d like to add either a play kitchen or a table and chairs for her.

My Office

Adding a second outlet to the room only cost $100, and it was well worth it. I was so limited when planning the layout before, and I love my desk’s new location.

My Office

The main reason I wanted a new desk was so that I could fit my keyboard and my Wacom tablet together on a pull-out tray. The Bond desk is working out nicely, and it was on sale in the store when I bought it. And isn’t that screensaver awesome? I found it via swissmiss.

Of course, all of this office rearranging is merely an intermediary step. I want to paint (the walls and the trim), and I would like a new rug and matching lamps. I’m leaning toward the ones I just wrote about (granny chic style). Still, the office already feels so much better.

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