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Which Bed for Eleanor?

Which Bed for Eleanor?

I’m torn. I love the cool peacock headboard that we have from eBay (to be painted), but I’ve been thinking that the Minnen extendable bed may be a better fit for us right now.

  • If I use the peacock headboard, I’ll have to get a twin-sized bed for it. That’s going to limit my layout options in the room. What I love about the Minnen is that it’s as wide as a twin-size, but the length is adjustable.
  • The peacock headboard would attach to the wall and the bed would just bump up next to it. Maybe this is silly to think, but I feel like the bed will shift away and the pillows will always be falling down behind. No?
  • The Minnen is really cute here, and would look much better with wallpaper (if we in fact wallpaper).
  • I do worry about the slats of the Minnen shifting under jumping kiddos on the bed (since a few readers mentioned that as being a problem with IKEA beds).
  • If we have more kids and two need to share a room, I think two Minnen beds would work well. (But that’s a big hypothetical IF, and many years away.)
  • That peacock headboard is just plain awesome. Although Eleanor may well break off the cirlicues.
  • When we go to IKEA, Eleanor is drawn to the Minnen. But Brandon pointed out that she would probably be equally happy to have the peacock headboard too.

I don’t know. I can argue for or against each one. What do you think?

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