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August’s First Birthday Party

My little guy is one today, and we had a celebration for him over the weekend.

I made a buttermilk cake for August, and Eleanor helped. She was fascinated by the addition of food coloring! First we made the cake red, then added a little blue to show her how to make purple. I made a buttercream frosting for it too and tried to dye it red. It turned out neon pink and looked terrible! So I ran off to the store for some cream, and made chocolate whipped cream frosting instead. I used the neon frosting to write on top of the cake so it wasn’t a complete loss.

We had a bit of fun with one of August’s gifts.

The lion from great-grandmama was a big hit, along with a few other things.

It was such a good day.

Eleanor is annoyed by August sometimes, but it’s clear they love each other too.

Happy first birthday, little guy.

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