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The Sweetest Attic Bedroom Layout

Two twin beds on opposite sides, tucked under the eaves with a window in between. It’s just the best. Bonus points for a centered antique table.

Attic Guest Room with Two Twin Beds, Designed by Palmer Weiss
Palmer Weiss

I mentioned that I had done our guest room as a styling assignment, which is why I chose that queen-sized bed. I think the room is adorable, but it’s sort of funny to walk by it because in my head, I’m like wait. You’re supposed to be two cute little beds! What’s going on here?

Like so.

Attic Bedrooms, Country Living
Country LivingCountry Living

And so.

Haven Interior Attic Makeover
Architectural Digest

We use our spare bedroom for the kids’ sleepovers far more often than we host guests, and two beds just seem more ‘right’ for our family. I’m not eager to get in there and dismantle it all immediately (because that bed fits perfectly and I’m not clutching my pearls over kids sharing it), but it’s fun to think about what I’d do differently.

Attic Bedroom with Built-in Shelves for Storage