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One Room Challenge: Week 3 (It’s Curtains)

I’m planning a layered look for the windows with pink curtains on the outside, nearly matching the pale blush walls, and sheers behind. We have a window AC in there and it’s not nice to look at. Covering it with sheers when it’s not in use might be the best way to ignore the eyesore.

Window Panels

The double curtain rod is from Ballard Designs. I prefer thicker 1-1/4″ diameter aged brass for the rest of the house, but here where the ceilings aren’t as high and I’m installing a double rod, the thinner diameter is a better proportion. The change in material is due to the proportion issue too. Thin brass curtain rods can look cheap — they remind me of inexpensive café curtain or tension rods. (Admittedly that’s probably my own weird association, not some universally acknowledged design truth, so take it for what you will.) Black will look more polished, tying in with the room’s black doors and the black lighting accents going in that nook.

I hung five curtains on the window to test, four of which I already had on hand.

  • The first is a pink linen pinch-pleat curtain from Tonic Living that I grabbed from our den. It looks great! But it looks great in the den too, and those windows will be naked!

  • The embroidered sheer is one of two that used to hang in our living room at the old house — the only curtains we exempted from conveying with the house. The other is in my closet and I’m hesitant to relocate it because it’s pretty perfect where it’s at. The details are not conveying well in the photo — see below for a closeup.

  • The third option is a linen sheer from the pair I had in the guest room. Totally fine. Kinda boring. Missed opportunity for something more special. A mix of textures/patterns rather than just opacity would be nice too.

  • Next is one of the ivory dupioni silk curtains that hung in the bedroom when we moved in. Silk is a little too formal for my taste, but it’s of nice quality, so I keep storing the pair in the linen closet thinking I’ll have a spot someday. Not yet.

  • The last panel is the only new one, dusty pink chambray from West Elm. I’d hoped it would be a happy substitute for the pink linen I stole from elsewhere, but when it arrived, the color was darker and “dustier” than I’d expected. Lighter would be better. I’m also not loving the hidden tab tops, but I can hang them from the pole pocket or clips.

I’m going ready-made with these because of the ORC time constraint, but also because I hung the rod at a standard 84″ high and there are tons of options at that length.

Here’s a detail of the embroidered sheer I love so much (with a bonus look at that silk). There are sequins! But it’s not tacky!

Embroidered Sheer Curtains with Sequins

The morning light filters through so nicely with these in the closet, which is just such a nice hello to getting dressed and starting your day. Plus hi, that’s where I get dressed. Good sheers equal good privacy. All signs point to leaving the single panel where it’s at, continuing to store its mate, and finding other sheers for the office.

These have potential.

Sheer Curtains

And I think the dusty pink chambray curtains are going back.

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