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Where Do You Find Inspiration?

I feel like I’ve been deep in planning mode for so long. I finally get to execute! The laundry room is of course first, but I’ll be working on a bathroom too. And I’m getting the urge to shake things up a bit more too and go bold.

* She says as she dials back the color and pattern in her bedroom for all-white bedding. *

Quincy Bed in Blush Pink Bedroom with All-White Bedding | Making it Lovely

I have a question for you as we head into the weekend. When thinking about a room makeover, do you look to inspiration images or do you start with a major item in the room and go from there?

I start with an individual piece. Every time. I can’t remember looking at a room and using that as the starting point (and I LOVE looking at beautiful rooms). It’s always about the color/texture/pattern/shape/etc. of a fabric, wallpaper, furniture, or whatever, and then it flows from there. I think of the individual elements in a room as crayons at my disposal, to the point where I have thought to myself “ooh, I got a new crayon to play with!”

Is that weird? It might be a little weird.

Let me give you an example. My bedroom started with the Quincy bed, which is usually shown in either a traditional or country room. I have seen and liked similar beds styled in different ways, but there was never a room that I looked to specifically to pull my own bedroom together. The bed worked with the dresser, which needed to work with another style of dresser and so on. I pulled it together from the pieces to form a whole.

When I work with clients though, they almost always start with rooms they love as inspiration. And it’s a great place to start! But I think the difference is that a client is looking to a decorator because they can’t imagine how to put the puzzle pieces (or crayon colors) together.

Spiderman Crashes the Bed

So I’m wondering where you fall. So many of you have lovely homes! Do you pull pages from magazines? Dog ear catalogs? Stalk flea markets and estate sales for serendipitous pieces? Are you pinning to a Pinterest board, and is it mostly products or finished rooms, or a healthy mix of the two? I’m so curious about how we all approach things!

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