8 September 29, 2016

Vintage Finds from Randolph Street Market

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The weather was perfect in Chicago this past weekend, so I took my best gal with me over to the Randolph Street Market. We stopped off at Dunkin’ Donuts first before seeking our flea market treasures — coffee for me, frozen hot chocolate and a donut for her.

Stopping at Dunkin' Donuts First

Energized and ready, we continued on our way. The Market is held throughout the year indoors, but my favorite time to go is when they have the outdoor portion open too. There’s a booth that’s always there with vintage anatomical models and posters, and every time, I’m tempted to bring a couple home.

Vintage Anatomical Models

Bats! Cats! I wanted both of these too, but I restrained myself.

Bats and Cats

These gauges and nautical blue pointy things (technical term) were perfectly weathered. What would I use them for? No idea, but aren’t they pretty?


Giant mirror photo opp! Hello.

Nicole and Eleanor Balch

Vintage globes. One is cool, but a collection of them is always so much better.

Vintage Globes

I was into these old puppets.

Quirky Vintage Puppets

Eleanor brought a toy butterfly with her to the Market, and we left with a collection of real specimens.

Real Butterfly, Toy Butterfly

We are now the proud owners of a zillion old butterflies and moths! Such a good score. Some are more interesting and in better shape than others, but we’re both pretty excited about either framing them or coming up with some sort of display under a glass cloche. I’ll be sure to share it here when we do.

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