0 July 1, 2016

I Have a Few Craft Supplies

We have plans to spend time with friends and go to a parade for the Fourth, but I’ll also be working around the house. I’m in cleaning and organizing mode, tackling the former kitchen on the third floor. We’ve been using it as a craft room, but it’s not exactly cute or inspiring to be in there right now. One big step toward improving it will be in clearing off the overloaded shelves.

Overloaded Shelves with Craft Supplies

These drawers are gloriously empty, while the shelves are packed. Time to remedy that this weekend.

Drawers Waiting to be Utlized

We also have two more pieces in the garage (from the studio / craft room in the old house) that can be brought up if we need either of them. The bathroom on the third floor is just about finished, and now I want to bring some order to the rest of the space. Hooray for keeping busy, and hooray for clearing out some of the crap we’ve accumulated!

The Brooklyn Bridge
In Honor Roll

Honor Roll

June 10, 2016

Sigh. I don’t know. You want to look at some owls for a bit? Owl faces in order, or maybe the 100 greatest owl pictures you’ll ever see? Or…

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