3 May 2, 2016

A Birthday Weekend

Eleanor turned seven on Friday! We celebrated with the dinner of her choice, followed by birthday cake. What did she choose, knowing we would make anything she wanted, go to any restaurant, or order whatever she liked? A cheeseburger happy meal. So McDonald’s it was, plus cake, just for the five of us.

The next morning, Brandon’s mom and I took Eleanor and three of her friends to the American Girl Place Café for a birthday lunch. Very cute. (I like the whole party planning thing, but there’s definitely something to be said for signing up for a tried-and-true birthday party complete with goody bags.)

Eleanor's Seventh Birthday, American Girl Place Café

Eleanor got a matching dress for her and her doll as a birthday gift, and she was thrilled that they were twins! The girls came back to our house after the party and we had a sleepover, so E broke out the matching pajamas that night too. A lot of fun was had! And very little sleep.

The next day was Brandon’s birthday, so we had family over for both him and Eleanor. More celebration! More cake! It has been a very sugar-filled weekend, and very sweet all around. Brandon’s birthday does get lumped in with Eleanor’s a bit because they’re only two days apart. (It’s the same way with me and Calvin.) It’s such a big deal to kids, and not so big for us, you know? We’re both happy just to see them having a good time.