2 August 26, 2016

Honor Roll

These are the things that have made my Honor Roll.
Blue Gray Molding in an Entryway with Checkered Tile Floors

  • I’ve sort of fallen back in love with Pinterest again. (Case in point, this pin of an Australian home designed by FusionD, photographed by Julien Frenandez.) My feed was uninspiring for a while there, and I’ve heard the same thing from friends, but lately it’s been awesome. Have you noticed a change too? Maybe the algorithm is getting better. I hope Instagram follows suit — I realized with the change that I don’t want to see photos from my friends and family. I can see that on Facebook. Instagram is all about the fantasy! Give me the pretty stuff!

  • Sanfilippo Estate

  • My friend shared this video of Sanfilippo Estate and described it as an alternate “mini version of The House on the Rock.” Accurate, though the estate is a private residence with a charitable bent.

  • The sconces that I ordered for the third floor have arrived and they are lovely. A good kick in the pants to just get things done sometimes instead of waiting around for unattainable perfection.

  • I’d just read about the iPhone 6’s ‘touch disease’ problem, and guess what started happening the next day to mine? Yep. Anyone else having problems? No official word on a fix, and the recommendation I’ve seen is to get a replacement if you’re still under warrantee.

  • Ever wonder why hotels give you shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, face lotion, hand soap, face soap, etc. and no toothpaste? Here’s why.

  • Sales are still down across major clothing retailers, but here’s the thing… it’s not the economy anymore. It’s because they’re selling clothes nobody wants. I haven’t been all that excited about a lot of what’s out there right now — have you?

  • McMansion Hell is everyone’s favorite new architectural criticism blog. (p.s. Shoutout to Oak Park.)

USPS Vintage Seed Packet Stamps - Zinnia
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About to Bloom

August 23, 2016

I ripped out her zinnia. Technically, I didn’t do it, but it’s my fault. I took all three kids shopping with me for new school clothes over the weekend…

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Hot Dog Manicures
In Honor Roll

Honor Roll

August 19, 2016

Hot dog manicures. (There is nothing more I need to add. Three words say it all.) I am really not putting our pets to work like I could be.…

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