3 June 24, 2016

Occupied & Engaged Door Locks

I’ve been working away on my bathroom here on the third floor. I tried using some of the door hardware I had found in a box in the basement, and it just wasn’t coming out the way I’d wanted. Go figure, my random box of parts didn’t have what I needed. I ended up ordering an old Victorian doorknob and back plate on eBay — one that matches the rest of the hardware throughout my house — and I’m much happier with it. I did reuse the thumb turn lock that was there though because it was inconspicuous and it was fine.

Of course, there’s a difference between looking fine, and looking fiiine.

Vacant / Occupied Door Lock - Jessica Helgerson Design
• Source: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design, lead designer Emily Knudsen Leland, photography by Lincoln Barbour

I’ve had the black door with a brass vacant/engaged lock above on my Pinterest ‘Bathroom’ board for a while now, and I keep coming back to it. While I am sticking with the hardware I have now on the third floor, the other two bathrooms are in need of locks. Opportunity for excellence! The more ornate styles are a better fit for my house, but I do love the sleek one.

Occupied & Engaged / Vacant Brass Bathroom Door Locks

  1. Occupied/Open Narrow Victorian Turnlatch

  2. Brass Vacant/Engaged Lock

  3. Victorian Circa 1900 Occupied/Open Rim Lock

  4. Occupied/Open Latch with French Lever Handle

The Brooklyn Bridge
In Honor Roll

Honor Roll

June 10, 2016

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