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Honor Roll

Honor Roll

We’re gearing up to host a Minecraft birthday party for a bunch of 7-year-olds tomorrow, and then I think we begin mission: clear out the house. I don’t know how much I’ll be selling vs. donating, but what’s your favorite way to buy secondhand these days? I’m looking at Facebook Marketplace far more often than Craigslist, and it alleviates some of Brandon’s fears of inviting a completely random person over to pick something up. Do I try to list some of the nicer pieces on Chairish? Round it all up and stick a sign on the front yard that says “come and get these pretty design-y things?”

(I feel like that last one’s a winner.)

On to the Honor Roll!

Honor Roll

Anna Rifle Bond's Rifle Paper Co., Fast Co

Rifle Paper Co - tattoos
IMAGES: Rifle Paper Co.

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