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New Paper Suitcase Gift Sets

Hooray! It took all day, but I’ve added 13 new paper suitcase gifts sets to the shop!

I started this morning by choosing suitcases to go with each set of cards and stationery…

Gathering Gift Sets

Then I photographed and edited everything, posted the photos to flickr and my photo gallery, and updated the shop.

Red Polka Dots Suitcase Set

Pink Scallops Suitcase Set

Mustard ZigZags Suitcase Set

Those are just three of the thirteen new sets. They’re all available now at Pink Loves Brown.

p.s. The stationery can be personalized for free!

Venuszine Hottt List Winner!

Pink Loves Brown is a winner in the Best DIY Business category! A big thank you to Venuszine and to everyone that voted for me!

The winners will be announced in the Winter 2008 issue which hits newsstands on December 1. Yay!

FAQ: Product Photography (Part Two)

In part one, I discussed a few different options for product photography. Here, I’ll focus on taking a good photo against a white background. That’s what I’m (fairly) good at, and I think that’s where most people have trouble.

The Setup

I use a homemade light box, a tripod, four adjustable lamps from IKEA, and daylight bulbs.

My Light Box Setup

Three of the lamps have 100 watt daylight bulbs, which is often enough. If there are harsh shadows, I’ll also turn on the 60 watt lamp to add a little overall illumination. The light box is a clear plastic container with some fabric batting wrapped around it to soften the light. The white background inside is just a piece of poster board.

Getting the Picture

As I mentioned in part one, I am not an expert photographer by any means. I am however, quite good at Photoshop.
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