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I’ve done a few of these Little Style / Big Style posts before, and it’s always easier to match along gender lines. Mother and daughter, or father and son are fairly easy, but I found a cute mama/son option.

Little Style, Big Style: Foxy!

The ladies’ sweater is from Old Navy (sold out online, but I’ve seen it in stores), and the little boys’ sweater is from Target. I just ordered the little version for August, but I wore the other one when I was out shopping yesterday. The ladies at J. Crew and Madewell each wanted to know where they could get one too. So, you know, success.

A Leather Sunglasses Case Goes Better With…

A Leather Sunglasses Case Goes Better With...

I just got back from sunny California, where I had not planned well for all that sun. I wish I’d had this leather case with these sunglasses inside. And a scarf for panache.

How to Wear a White Lace Dress for Fall

Brandon said that my new dress looked like a christening gown, so it had that going for it. Also, you’re not supposed to wear white after Labor Day. Two strikes. I soldiered on though (so brave, I am!), determined to make this dress work for fall.

Nicole Balch, Making it Lovely

I think it’s working.

October Style: A White Lace Dress

  1. Tenley Glasses
    I like that the red of the glasses picked up on the red in the tights.

  2. Classic Link Bracelet
    I wore a crazy baubled Kate Spade bracelet, but it’s no longer available. This one’s a good substitute.

  3. Serenade Lace Dress
    It also comes in navy, and the stores have it on sale (I got mine for under $100).

  4. Vintage Leather Saddle Bag
    The crossbody style that has been everywhere for a while is perfectly unfussy to go with all that lace.

  5. Sidewalk Skimmer Flats
    I tried this with heels, and the whole effect was one of trying too hard. Flats it is.

  6. Opaque Tights
    Pick a color. Any color.

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