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The Sequin Dress

There’s nothing like writing about feeling uncomfortable wearing a sequin dress to make you question wearing said type of dress to Alt Summit. This is so silly you guys, but I did it. And look! I was twinsies with Chelsea Costa, so clearly this was a lovely dress.

Lovely Sequin Dresses

And while I was worried about the size of my whatever in a few sequins, some people (ahem, Stefan Sagmeister) are comfortable putting out full-frontal photos of themselves to the world. And they give good kisses.

Sagmeister Kiss

Crazy Floral Pumps

I spotted these shoes yesterday, and quick like a bunny I ran to try them on. They’re just so loud, but I can’t help but love them. Aren’t they weirdly great? I bought a pair, and today I had a little fun virtual-window-shopping for what I’d pair with them.

Style Post: What to Wear with Crazy Floral Pumps

  1. Tippi Sweater in Classic Pink

  2. Darby Glasses

  3. Flash Bobbi Set

  4. Stripe Skirt

  5. The Transport Tote

  6. Petra Multicolored Floral Print Pumps

  7. Things We Love Charm Bracelet

I’m planning to pair them with solid skirts and striped tops too, or with my striped dresses. Basically, I still can’t get enough of the stripes and florals combo.

p.s. The shoes are available as flats, too.

Shine Bright

Sequin Shoes

OK, these sequined shoes (seen above on Cupcakes & Cashmere) are amazing. I picked up a pair when J. Crew kept having their “everything is 30% off today only… just kidding — tomorrow too, and probably all of next week” sales before Christmas. I wore them on Christmas Eve, I’ll wear them again on New Year’s Eve, and they’ll be coming with me to Alt Summit. They’re probably a bit much for the grocery store though, yes?

And speaking of Alt Summit, I’m teaching my online class again for them about What to Wear to Alt. It’s free for Alt attendees, and it’s a fun one! A bunch of people were bummed about not getting in the first time around, so we’re offering it again on January 8. Hear all about the design blogger look (haha) and more.

p.s. In case you missed it, I put together a post on Babble with five looks for New Year’s Eve, each under $100. That includes the clothes, shoes, bag… everything.

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