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That Dress I Wore to Alt Summit

I didn’t put together a full recap of everything I wore to Alt (just the sequins), but I’ve been asked so many times about the dress I wore during my panel that I figured I ought to post about it.

Nicole Balch and Vivian Mansour(That’s me and Vivian Mansour of Ish and Chi. She came all the way from Australia! I’ve read her for years and years and was so glad to finally meet her in person.)

I wore the Cameo Printed Dress by Ted Baker, and it is awesome. If you get close enough, you start to notice how random the print is. There are cowboys, horse-drawn carriages, pennyfarthings, and a rabbit exclaiming “AH!” when you find him.

I wore it with black tights and black suede heels (similar), along with my Warby Parker Mallory glasses, an oversized round hammered brass ring (similar), and vibrant coral lipstick.


Printed Cameo Dress


My peachy pink bag and striped laptop case didn’t really match (close enough), but if I were to pair a bag with the dress, it would be this one.

Bonus: If you drop chocolate on your dress the second time you ever wear it and then it instantly melts and stains, the pattern is so busy you won’t even notice! Um, not that I did that or anything.

Coral, Floral, Pink, and Navy

Coral, Floral, Pink, and Navy

I’m still loving pink (always), and my crazy floral pumps, but I’ve also been drawn to coral and navy a lot lately. Here’s what I’ve had my eye on for spring.

  1. Button-Up Top
    This is the top I’m wearing in yesterday’s post.

  2. Wardour Dress
    So me. I really want this one.

  3. Crepe Scalloped Hem Top
    I tried this on in yellow and didn’t realize it came in navy. Navy is far superior.

  4. Vintage Glasses
    I have a pair of peach glasses! If I didn’t, I’d be very tempted by these.

  5. Fluid Henley Blouse
    Fantastic color. I bought this in the floral print version (#8).

  6. Ultra Skinny Printed Pants
    I tend to have good luck with the fit of Gap pants, and these were no exception. Love the print.

  7. Brass Chevron Necklace
    I’m always a fan of pink and brass together, especially in simple, modern designs.

  8. Floral Fluid Henley Blouse
    My new favorite shirt. Looks fantastic over cropped skinnies or tucked into a pencil skirt.

  9. Everly Liberty Art Fabric Pumps
    I do like these more than mine, but mine were much less expensive (and I still like them a lot).

  10. Striped Dress
    I have too many striped dresses to add another, but if you’re looking, this is a good (and affordable) one.

  11. Structured Crepe Pocket Blouse
    Works better on a more boyish figure than mine, alas.

  12. Sailor Skirt
    Hey, sailor.

Eleanor's Yellow Coat

Sweet Tweed

Eleanor has had some cute coats, but this tweedy yellow one (now outgrown) was my favorite. I bought it from Boden when she was still a baby, in the spring when it was on clearance, and then I saved it until it fit her. She wore it from fall to spring last year, and again this fall until it was too small.

Kate Spade Pierce Tweed Coat

Ladies would often compliment her on her coat, then follow up with “I wish it came in my size!” “Me too,” I would say, meaning it.

Today, I spotted the ladies’ version: Kate Spade’s Tweed Pierce Coat. No, it doesn’t come in that fantastic yellow color, but seeing as it is pink, I shall overlook that. It is spendy though. Maybe, like Eleanor’s coat, it will make it through to clearance time? (My guess is that it won’t.)

If I squint and imagine that the model wearing glasses, I can pretend it’s me. That’s totally normal, right?

p.s. Sometimes I like to play around with the formatting on these posts. It may look a little funny if you’re reading it via a feed (RSS) reader.

Sweet Tweed

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