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A Leather Sunglasses Case Goes Better With…

A Leather Sunglasses Case Goes Better With...

I just got back from sunny California, where I had not planned well for all that sun. I wish I’d had this leather case with these sunglasses inside. And a scarf for panache.

How to Wear a White Lace Dress for Fall

Brandon said that my new dress looked like a christening gown, so it had that going for it. Also, you’re not supposed to wear white after Labor Day. Two strikes. I soldiered on though (so brave, I am!), determined to make this dress work for fall.

Nicole Balch, Making it Lovely

I think it’s working.

October Style: A White Lace Dress

  1. Tenley Glasses
    I like that the red of the glasses picked up on the red in the tights.

  2. Classic Link Bracelet
    I wore a crazy baubled Kate Spade bracelet, but it’s no longer available. This one’s a good substitute.

  3. Serenade Lace Dress
    It also comes in navy, and the stores have it on sale (I got mine for under $100).

  4. Vintage Leather Saddle Bag
    The crossbody style that has been everywhere for a while is perfectly unfussy to go with all that lace.

  5. Sidewalk Skimmer Flats
    I tried this with heels, and the whole effect was one of trying too hard. Flats it is.

  6. Opaque Tights
    Pick a color. Any color.

Yet Another Cute Striped Dress

What to Wear with a Cute Striped Dress #makingitlovely

OK. Last striped dress post, I promise! (For a while, at least.)

See, when I did my other posts, some of you thought the dress was a little too expensive and wanted to see some other options. So I gathered two dozen more. And then rather than just send you on your merry way over to my Babble roundup, I thought I ought to show you the outfit I wore the other day, on which I was complimented by a nice stranger-lady. It made my day.

  1. Bubble Necklace (I’m getting on this trend late, you guys.)

  2. Preston Gimlet Tortoise Glasses

  3. Nautical Striped Shift Dress (I showed it in the roundup in gray.)

  4. Classic Q Hillier Hobo (Mine is peachy pink.)

  5. Gigi Sandals

And the other striped dresses are this-a-way. Also? Knockoff bubble necklaces.

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