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Wha? This is up on a Tuesday!? Madness. Also, it’s completely self-promotional. Look at meeee! Look at what I wrote all over the interwebs!
High/Low: The Floor Lamp Edition

Get the Look: Natural Meets Nautical


This week on my Facebook page, enter to win an assortment of eco art kits from Artterro. Good luck!

Brides Throwing Cats

A collection of silly things:

My Writing Elsewhere…

15 Modern Boys' Rooms

  • p.s. Thank you for all of the comments yesterday, and in general. I’ve been reading them all, but I haven’t gotten a chance to respond to any yet. I had to knock out the articles I had due (“my writing, elsewhere”) and then get back to painting Eleanor’s room. She has been sleeping in August’s room while I’ve been working on hers, but she’s looking forward to having her room back (which means I’ve got some more painting ahead of me). I should have time later today or over the weekend though, and I’ll pop back in and answer any questions that came up!

New Domino!

My Writing Elsewhere…

Hanging Plates Wallpaper

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