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The Things We Love

The Randolph Street Vintage Market is happening this weekend — their last indoor/outdoor show of the season. I’ll be there tomorrow, partnering with Scotchgard Brand to show people how to protect the things they love. I’ll be chatting with people, making a few videos, and checking out all the vintage awesomeness for sale. Come say hello!

I talk a lot about how to incorporate special things over time — it’s the idea behind my whole Making it Yours series. It applies to the furniture in our homes, to the clothes in our closets, to all of those interesting items we gather over time. One of my favorite things that I’ve had for years now is my owl purse.

Kate Spade Owl Purse

It’s just a thing, sure. A purse. But it’s a kooky purse that I love to bits and hope to either tote around when I’m an eccentric old lady (life goal), or pass down some day, should my kids want it. It’s mostly suede though, so it isn’t the hardiest of materials, and it has to make it through Chicago winters with all of the ice, snow, slush, and salt that accompany them. Scotchgard Protectors come in a range of products for carpets, fabrics, upholstery, suede, and leather too, protecting them from stains and water without changing the item’s look or feel. Treating my bag keeps it in good condition so it can last longer, because it’s got many more seasons ahead of it.

Protecting a Suede Purse with Scotchgard

To learn about all the ways you can protect the things you love, come find me with Scotchgard Brand at the Randolph Street Market this weekend! I’ll be sharing all my tips and tricks, you can check out some cool demos, and join the conversation by tagging your social posts and images using #LoveYourThings and #Scotchgard. See you there!

Get in My Closet, Fall Clothes!

The clothes are so good in stores right now! I mean, it’s a mixed bag, but the stuff that is right is really right.

Get in My Closet, Fall Clothes!

  1. Belted Twill Midi Skirt, Ann Taylor
    Midi skirt? You’re the one for me. (I have this in black, already.)

  2. BR Monogram Pleated Gaucho Pant, Banana Republic
    There are naysayers, but I’ll take you.

  3. Satin Crepe Jumpsuit, Kate Spade
    Oh, I will rock a jumpsuit.

  4. Sugarcoated Stone Drop Earrings, Kate Spade
    The model is wearing a slightly different pair of earrings in one of the pictures, and I’m intrigued. Where are those? They are far more interesting! But these will do if they must.

  5. Porta Necklace, Tiro Tiro, Adorn Milk
    Bold in scale, simple in geometry.

  6. Bobbi Brown Luxe Lipcolor, Pink Nude, Nordstrom
    I’ve always gone for reds, berries, and on occasion, coral. Branching out into the bold new world of subtle nude lipstick. *gasp*

  7. ‘Marcie Small’ Leather Satchel, Chloé, Nordstrom
    I spotted this on Instagram (@thefoxandshe is wearing it nonstop), and fell hard. It’s $2000, but boys is it lovely.

  8. Edie Shoulder Bag, Coach
    My usual brown leather bag is on its last legs. Plus, today is my birthday.

  9. Culottes, Zara
    Ask yourself: are culottes right for you?

  10. Suede D’orsay Loafer Flats, J. Crew
    Perfect shoes for the season.

  11. Tie Back Trapeze Dress, LOFT
    I own this dress, and when I wear it? Complements all the live long day. Go get yourself one.

  12. Northstar Pullover Sweater, Madewell
    The best sweater, in some really excellent colors (but this one’s the best).

  13. Prowling Fox Ring, Alex Monroe
    Can you believe I used to hate being called whimsical? ‘Tis true.

  14. Michael Kors Mayfair Glasses,
    I think my prescription may have changed, and I’m due for an eye exam. Something large, slightly round, and tortoiseshell is always a good bet.

  15. Collection Cashmere Boatneck Tunic, J. Crew
    I won’t don cashmere sweaters yet, because the baby will ruin them. But, pink! Soft! Wishful thinking that this would be practical!

  16. Printed Shift Dress, Old Navy
    This print is called “getting figgy with it.” OK.

Push the Little Daisies

I was doing a television appearance once, and there was a stylist on set for wardrobe. She had some great options for everyone, but then she zeroed in on a giant beaded daisy necklace for me. “This looks like you!” she chirped, and I politely declined, all the while thinking of Drew Barrymore in the 90s. I may have tried to emulate her skinny brows at the time, but I’ve never been much for daisies.

I’ve written before about my sentimental jewelry pieces. I always wear my wedding ring, but when I travel, I also wear a little elephant necklace that reminds me of Eleanor, and a heart ring for August. I had been looking for something that would remind me of Calvin too, but nothing I’d come across had been quite right.

I associate him with flowers. I was working on a post about my entryway a few days before my due date, and I’d almost finished my setup. I went out to the florist and came back to arrange everything, but I couldn’t take photos because the sun had set. I joked with Brandon that the baby was going to arrive before I could get my shots in the morning, and sure enough, I went into labor in the middle of the night. I had Calvin, and the first thing I saw when we came back home the next day were those flowers.

Making it Lovely's Entryway

hr 644

I just got back from Salt Lake City because I was there to speak at Alt Summit again. I’m lucky to have so many opportunities to travel because of the blog, but it’s the times when I’m away from my family that I love having those sentimental pieces with me the most. I’m not a superstitious person, so it’s not about them being my ‘good luck charms’ or anything of that sort, but I have for years worn my wedding ring, my elephant necklace, and my heart ring when I fly. I like the tangible reminders of home.

I don’t like to wear too many types of jewelry at once. My wedding ring, a necklace, another ring, and something else is a lot, so I’d been looking for another gold ring that I could stack. I wanted something delicate with flowers or leaves for Calvin because of the association and I’d come across a few nice ones (along with plenty of not so nice ones), but I would know it when I found it, and I finally found it.

I wasn’t familiar with Alex Monroe before, but his floral designs are exactly what I’d been looking for: delicate, modern, and pretty, and not giving me flashbacks to nineties Drew. Some of my favorites are below and his other designs are fantastic too (mouse and tea cup ring, anyone?), but I chose that second ring. So glad I finally found my little Calvin reminder.

Alex Monroe Gold Floral Jewelry

  1. Fine Buttercup Ring

  2. Forget Me Not Fine Stacking Ring Number Two

  3. Fritillary Flower Hook Earrings

  4. Little Bluebell Necklace

  5. Little Fern Leaf Bracelet

  6. Baby Pearl Chrysanthemum Stud Earrings

  7. Floral Fayre Brooch

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