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A Backyard Pool Party

I can’t swim (learning how is something for the life list), but I do own a bathing suit. It’s one of the ones below, actually…

I wasn’t going for a red, white, and blue theme initially, but things were headed that way so I went with it. Let’s pretend that I got this up before the Fourth, OK? OK. So let’s play! Which bathing suit, sunglasses, and beach towel would you choose? I’ll show you my picks below…
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Style: June ’11

I love this dress so much, I wrote about it on Babble too. It comes in two other patterns, but I wanted to pair it with this kooky necklace so I chose the solid one here. These glasses are kind of kooky too, so I balanced the overall look with a classic leather bag and trendy sandals.* I think this is the perfect outfit for sitting in a museum and sketching, or maybe browsing the stacks at a used bookstore.

* I received a pair of those sandals for review. Thanks, Wanted.

Eleanor Chose Her Own Clothes Today

Oh, girl. You own that look.

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