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Comic Book Baby Shower Theme

Comic Book Baby Shower Theme

I styled three baby shower themes awhile back for a Huggies Pinterest campaign. I was the lone blogger among seasoned stylists and wedding/party planners, and when I learned who I’d be working alongside, I’ll admit I was nervous! I always jump at the opportunities this blog has presented though, and in doing so I’ve adopted Picasso’s motto as my own: “I am always doing that which I can not do in order that I may learn how to do it.”

Comic Book Theme Baby Shower Invitations

I came up with three themes (comic book, world travel, foxes), and was then tasked with sourcing or creating everything to go along with each of them them. Invitations, food, flowers, desserts, furniture, decorations, shower games/activities, and a diaper cake. All times three.

Comic Book Baby Shower Candy Sweets Table

Comic Book Baby Shower Desserts

Comic Book Baby Shower Theme - Sweets Table

It was a big production and the showers were created from scratch in a Tyllie Barbosa’s Chicago photography studio. The walls you see are fakes (two big freestanding panels that I painted the morning of the shoot, Antiquan Blue), and you can assume that any surface you see covered by fabric is a pretty plain-looking tabletop propped up on sawhorses. Photography magic!

Comic Book Theme Baby Shower Food

I acted as planner and stylist, but Brandon’s sister, Portia, helped me as my assistant during the shoots. That’s her handiwork on the speech bubble signs, among other things. She also helped a lot with the food, which is my weak point in party planning. I put in 12+ hour days for each shoot, not to mention all of the prep work that went into them beforehand, and it would have been crazy to go it alone. Big ups to Portia for being there for me.

Comic Book Theme Baby Shower Activities

Comic Book Theme Baby Shower Gift Table

Fun fact: I used this wrapping paper with illustrated heroes and villains all over the place. And it was adorable! And then, after we’d set everything up and taken nearly every shot, we found out that we couldn’t use it! The only place you’ll still see it is on the diaper cake, and even there, I covered most of it with a wide ribbon. (By the way, guess who’s a diaper cake making pro? Who knew I had this skill in me?)

Cute Diaper Cake

You can find more images from the Comic Book Baby Shower on Pinterest, and I’ll be sharing photos from the other two themes I’ve created over the next couple of days.

DIY Colorblock Christmas Trees

Christmas Decorations in the Dining Room

Here’s a cute DIY project to add a little sparkle and shine to your holiday! These colorblock Christmas trees took a few hours to create, but if you simplified the palette (and skipped the glitter paint), you could finish them in about an hour. Here’s what you’ll need.


DIY Colorblock Christmas Trees (Supplies)

The smaller cones were to be glittered on one side, so I first painted the entire cone in a solid color. The larger cones were each going to be painted one one side with metallic paint (which I knew to have good coverage), so I started by taping them off and painting just half in a solid color. It’s easier to tape a cone vertically, though I’m sure these would look fantastic done horizontally if you’re up for the challenge.

DIY Colorblock Christmas Trees

Acrylic paint dries quickly. I found that by the time I was done painting the last of my six cones, the first would be ready for another coat (I did three on each). After the last coat had dried, I removed the old tape from the larger cones and retaped them to paint the other sides. The metallic paints I used looked good after just one coat, but I still did three — because I am weird and like to keep things even.

DIY Colorblock Christmas Trees

Adding the glitter… there went the whole ‘keeping things even’ idea. I lost count of how many coats of glitter paint I used! I knew they would take a while to build coverage, and I think I may have put 10-12 coats of paint on each cone. Early on in the process, I considered ditching the paint and just using glitter, but it was my hope that by using the glitter paint, each Christmas tree would be less likely to flake and leave a sparkly trail wherever she may go.

DIY Colorblock Christmas Trees - Adding Glitter

So far, so good. The glitter is staying put, and I love the two-tone effect.

DIY Colorblock Trees

I’m not sure if I’ve found the perfect place for these yet though. I like the effect of the mirror, doubling them and showing off both sides, but there’s already a lot going on in the hutch above, and with the stockings below. What do you think?

Christmas Decorations in the Dining Room

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Monogram Place Cards (Free Printable)

These holiday printables are brought to you by HP. Make other easy printable projects at HP’s Holiday HQ.

Last week, I shared my printable monogram Christmas gift tags with you. This week, I thought it would be fun to design and share matching place cards.

Christmas Table Setting

My sister-in-law always has a beautifully set table for special occasions and holidays. She includes place cards, even when it’s just close family coming over, so I’m taking a cue from her entertaining style here.

Dining Room with the Table Set for Christmas

You might notice that I’ve swapped out the foxes in the dining room hutch for ornaments. I haven’t completely finished decorating for Christmas yet, but I’ll be sure to share more photos of the house when I’m done. The pink Christmas tree is up but not completely trimmed, as I was focusing on the dining room first.

(I do miss my little foxes though! I’ll be putting them back up after the holidays.)

Free Printable Place Cards from Making it Lovely

If you’d like to, you can download the place cards and print them out for yourself too. Just cut them down to size (a paper cutter or a ruler and a razor will give you the cleanest lines), then fold each card in half. A bone folder will give you the cleanest result, but it’s not necessary.

(p.s. These will work as gift tags too — just cut them in half. They won’t have the “Merry and Bright” message, but that means you could use them year-round!)

Free Printable Monogram Place Cards

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