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Hand-Cranked Paper Shredder

I know that one should shred sensitive documents and mail before recycling them, but have you seen most paper shredders? I don’t want a hulking black piece of plastic sitting around. A little pink paper shredder though? I could get behind that.

A + R Store

The Commission Project

Contacting an artist to have a custom painting created for you is such a cool, grown-up thing to do, right? But it’s also usually an expensive thing to do… except in this case. Paul Ferney has unveiled The Commission Project, and he will be creating a series of 100 5×7 paintings for just $200 each.

The painting above is based on this photo of me standing with a purse that I made. I love the way it turned out. Mr. Ferney is quite the talent, so whether you want a portrait of your grandparent, your baby, or your favorite pair of roller skates, I advise you to get in on this while the getting is good.

* Update 10.21.10 * Looks like they’ve already sold out! You can add your name to the waiting list here.

Workshop Cage Lights

You guys! That hanging bare bulb in my office closet isn’t just a safety hazard or code violation… it’s trendy chic! I just need to add a curlicue cage around it.

(via Copy Cat Chic)

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