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Award Yourself

Pin an award to your lapel! I did this today, inspired by my own style post, and it’s making me very happy.

Fourth Grade Solo Champion!

I won this award 20 years ago when I played clarinet in the fourth grade. It says:

Illinois Grade School
Music Ass’n

Do you know how funny an award that says “Ass’n” is to a fourth grader? I still think it’s funny.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

The Balch Family is set to beguile
decked out in vests of argyle
while Brandon regales
with holiday tales
they wish you good tidings in style

Dress Code

Gray and white attire is mandatory. Stripes are optional, though highly encouraged.

Dress Code

A touch of yellow is also permissible; Note the tie, shoes, and necklace.

(Thank you to Brandon and Ashley for obliging me in this ridiculous photo.)

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