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Nom Nom Nom Nom Brownies

I decided to try out my idea of using the Silhouette SD to make a stencil for decorating brownies. It sounded so cute, and hey, if I happened to end up with a huge tray of brownies when I’m done then that’s just fine with me.

I used the classic brownies recipe from smitten kitchen. I usually go with Nigella’s recipe from How to Be a Domestic Goddess (my favorite baking cookbook), but I’m always open to trying a new one. The brownies were easy to make, and they smelled delicious while they were baking.

Making Nom Nom Nom Nom Brownies

After taking the brownies out of the oven, I set them aside to cool while I made my stencil. I typed out “Nom Nom Nom Nom” (suggested via Twitter), and used Mister Sirloin Well for my font. Then I cut the letters out of card stock with my Silhouette SD. You could do it by hand too, but I’d suggest something shorter in big block letters, like “YUM”.

Making Nom Nom Nom Nom Brownies

Once my brownies had cooled, I transferred them to a pretty tray (this one’s an old Thomas Paul design). Then I had to decide how to use my stencil. I think making the letters out of powdered sugar would have left a clearer design.

Making Nom Nom Nom Nom Brownies

I decided to do the reverse though, so I could use more powdered sugar.

Making Nom Nom Nom Nom Brownies

I didn’t have a fancy little sifter, so my application got a bit messy. It’s still pretty cute though!

Making Nom Nom Nom Nom Brownies

Mmmmm. Or should I say “nom nom nom nom”? I think all blog posts from here on out should be written while eating yummy homemade brownies. And that recipe? It’s a good one.

p.s. You can still enter the giveaway for a Silhouette SD by entering here. The contest is open until the 31st.

Non-Clothing Inspiration from the New J.Crew Catalog

The clothes were great, but here’s what I really found inspiring in the latest J.Crew catalog…

Fuchsia lipstick. More specifically, Funny Face by Nars, which the catalog actually pointed out. I may have to add another lipstick to my favorites.

Next, I ran across the perfect shade of pink (with a lot of lilac in it). When I was a kid, my two favorite Crayola colors were thistle and orchid, and I think that color preference has stuck with me. I’m also liking the font here.

And then there was this five-year-old boy’s haircut from the crewcuts section. I think it would look pretty great on a lady. A lady like me, perhaps?

Oh, Friday

Today is turning out to be kind of a mixed up day for me. Plans fell through, my work hours have changed, etc. I’m going to get as much done as I can, and as quickly as I can, and then I’m taking the rest of the day off. A good plan for a Friday, yes?

So… Have you been watching this season of Design Star? This year’s format has been odd but I’m glad that Emily, my favorite designer, is in the final two. Did you see her room from last week? It was the best one of the season.

I hope she wins the whole thing. Emily has a blog too; I just found out recently.

I’ll see you back here on Monday and I’ll have a pretty neat giveaway for you. If you’re at all crafty (or even if you just aspire to be), you’re definitely going to want to win.

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