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My Perfect Shade of Lipstick

I’ve finished another item from my 30 Before Thirty List: find my perfect shade of lipstick.

The result? I’m a little embarrassed to share it with you. Like I was supposed to go out and find the cool, little-known-brand. Or the respected-among-professional-insiders brand. And now here I’m all REVLON! But you know what? I tried a bunch of more expensive, more cool, more impressive ones, and I just ended up wasting a lot of money. Revlon lipsticks are awesome, as is that NP Set red from Target. And I found not just one perfect shade of lipstick, but three. Here they are:

Go drugstore brands! This is the one category in which you are winning among my makeup (though sometimes mascara isn’t far behind).

Have you tried these colors? I think they’re great, but are there any other lipsticks you swear by? And do you even wear lipstick? Sometimes I think people feel like it’s a little old-fashioned, and I think I’m the only one of my friends that likes it.

Twenty Pounds Lighter

Losing twenty pounds was number six on my 30 Before Thirty list. Following through with number five (stop drinking soda) certainly helped, so that’s two more off the list!

My BMI now officially puts me in the normal weight category, which is fantastic considering that I had edged into obese territory after pregnancy. I certainly didn’t feel obese, but medically, there I was. I gained 40 pounds while I was pregnant with Eleanor, and I’ve since lost 60, making me twenty pounds lighter than my pre-baby weight.

Line Diet

I did it very sensibly, losing two pounds per week. I followed the Steve Ward diet, which is not actually a diet but rather a way to keep yourself on track. You just draw a line on graph paper from your current weight to your goal, eat normally when you’re below the line and watch your meals when you’re above. I’m a visual person, so the graph was immensely helpful to me. It kept me motivated when I felt like nothing was happening because I could see my progress (even before I could see a difference in my waistline). I also liked being able to look ahead and see where I’d be by a certain date, assuming I kept on track.

* Edit: I didn’t do the broccoli only thing that the Steve Ward diet calls for — that’s too extreme. I just ate a little lighter overall when I went over the line.

I never followed a strict exercise plan or diet. I went on more walks and for longer distances, and I often used a baby carrier for Eleanor instead of a stroller. I had been reading a lot about opting not to partake in the Western Diet (all of the crap that Americans typically eat), and so I was mindful about making healthier choices. These are some of the books that helped me:

It’s hard to change a lifetime of eating habits so I still have some work to do, but I’m making good progress. I have hardly eaten any fast food, and in fact the times that I did revert to it I found that I didn’t like it as much. Still, I’m not one to deny myself an occasional cheeseburger or pizza, so I let myself indulge sometimes. The difference is that I really do think of it as an indulgence rather than a normal weeknight option.

So that’s how I did it. I lost weight the baby weight and then some with diet, exercise, and graph paper.

Spouting Off

Eleanor loves taking baths in our big blue tub, but we worry when her head gets too close to the spout. We needed a cover, and we figured we may as well try to find one that looked good. After all, there isn’t anything we can do about that surrounding tile and bad grout job (short of a full reno), but at least we can have something cute to distract us from it.

Whale Bathtub Spout

The Moby bath spout cover matches our tub perfectly, and it’s pretty darn adorable. Oh, but I should say it’s not the only cute thing in there to distract us… Especially when Eleanor makes her little scrunchy face.

Eleanor in the Bath

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