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Cooped Up

I spent a good portion of yesterday researching chickens. I’m fascinated by the idea of keeping chickens in the backyard for eggs! I don’t know if it’s right for us, but I had a lot of fun looking at chicken coops and imagining having one out back.

  1. Chicken Crib
  2. Eglu Cube
  3. Modern Chicken Coop
  4. The Saltbox Coop
  5. Eglu Go
  6. Portable Chicken Coop

Design*Sponge recently wrote about keeping chickens, and Apartment Therapy wrote about the subject a couple of years ago. As people are becoming more aware of their food sources and sustainable living (both things I’m working on), it seems chicken keeping is making a big comeback. I haven’t met anyone keeping them in an urban (or suburban) setting, though it seems they’re out there! Do you or any of your neighbors have chickens?

Ride it Out

Brandon and I tend to gravitate toward very different toys for Eleanor. Take this for example…

I thought this little wooden walker (A) was so cute. I imagined Eleanor toddling around with it, blocks and stuffed animals in the compartment. I even bought one and painted it pink! Adorable.

A few days ago, Brandon brought this Lil’ Princess Ride On (B) home. All plastic, with flashing lights and various sounds at the push of a button.

Guess which one the baby prefers.

Eleanor’s Silhouette

Eleanor's Silhouette

Silhouettes are always lovely, but there’s something about a baby’s that is extra sweet. I’m using Eleanor’s for her first birthday party.

I used Illustrator, but here is a silhouette tutorial using tracing paper. Have you ever made one? How did you use it?

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