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Happy Holidays

…from our expanding family.

Thanks, everyone, for all of your love and support this year and every year. Happy holidays!

Kid-Friendly Pink Christmas Tree

Our home is a bit of a mess right now since we’re going through the basement remodel, but we do at least have our pink Christmas tree up. Eleanor is a year and half old now and we weren’t sure how she would be with the tree, so we decorated it entirely with unbreakable ornaments. We’ve been reminding her to look but not touch, and she hasn’t touched them since the first day. She’s happy just pointing at the tree and exclaiming “birds!”.

I know a pink tree isn’t for everybody, and it’s pretty close to Christmas now, but I put together a design board to show you how I made our tree kid-friendly. Not all of the items on our tree are available because we’re using things we’ve had for years, but if you’re looking to do a pretty and unbreakable tree at some point, I hope you’ll find some ideas here. With our without pink.

  • Gold Pailettes Pick, Martha Stewart for Kmart (2009)
  • Pink & Red Pailettes Pick, Pier 1 (2007)
  • Clear Plastic Ornaments, Amazon
  • Silver Starburst Ornaments, available individually at Crate & Barrel stores
  • Barcana Wooden Tree Stand, Amazon
  • Feather Bird Clip Ornament, Pottery Barn
  • German Glitter Star Tree Topper, Pottery Barn
  • Pretty in Pink 6′ Christmas Tree, Treetopia

And if you want to see more of our pink tree (bedecked with lovely but delicate ornaments), be sure to check out our home decorated for Christmas last year.

Eleanor’s Pink Glasses

They’re just for fun. She always wants to wear my glasses, but they fall off. Now she has her own (adorable) pair.

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