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Photo Booth Photos

The Constructor Craft Fair took place on Sunday in my neighborhood. I’ll have a recap soon, but first here are some photos taken in the Magnolia Photo Booth at the show.

Photo Booth Photos

I went with just Eleanor at first, but then Brandon came out a little later and we were able to get the three of us. Those baby sunglasses crack me up.

Photo Booth Photos

Thirteen Months Old (Eleanor’s Monthly Photo)

Thirteen Months Old (Eleanor's Monthly Photo)
Eleanor's Monthly Photo (The First Twelve Months)

Onesies are so last year. New year, new dress (in several sizes of course). New camera tricks too; I’m finally shooting with my DSLR in manual mode. The photos from this session are grainier than I’d like, but I aim to improve.

(I’ll be taking a photo of Eleanor sitting in the Eames rocker and wearing her pin each month until she’s two years old.)

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What Home Means to Me

I’m honored to be kicking off Pin it Forward today. I’ve been using Pinterest for a while, and now they have partnered with sfgirlbybay for this event. There are ten groups of participants, and each day one blogger from each group will write about our theme: Home.

What is home to you? To me, it is…

  • Surrounding yourself with your things that make you smile. ()
  • Having a cozy spot to curl up with a book. ( )

  • Having fun with paint. (*)
  • Covering the walls in a favorite pattern. (*)

  • Being a little cheeky. (*)
  • Taking chances, even when you’re not 100% certain. (*)
  • Adding grace notes. (*)

  • Keeping a space to work, and a place to be creative. (* *)

  • Tending a garden. (*)
  • Having fun with family. (*)
  • Setting aside space for a little one to get lost in their imagination. (*)

That’s what home means to me.

You can see my original board (along with others that I’ve created) on Pinterest, and be sure to follow along with all of the Pin it Forward participants to see what home means to them. Tomorrow you can visit Brigitte at Covet Chicago for her take, and let’s thank Victoria and Pinterest for organizing Pin it Forward!

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