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Eleanor’s Second Birthday Party (Complete with Rainbow Cake)

We celebrated Eleanor’s birthday on Saturday. You’ve already seen the invitations, so you know I was going for a colorful kind of party. The Marimekko tablecloth and colorful gerbera daisies were a good start to the decorations.

The main attraction though? The rainbow cake. My mother-in-law helped me with it. We followed the Martha Stewart / Whisk Kid recipe; She made the cake layers and I made the frosting and assembled it.

That cake was a smashing success! Delicious and very pretty.

The paper mobiles above the table were made according to these instructions (I used card stock instead of vellum).

There were twenty balloons scattered everywhere, but somehow I missed photographing them. I got a giant gold “2” balloon too (like these), but it blew away! Here are a few paper daisies hung in the window.

These polka-dotted paper straws were cute, but odd to drink out of.

You know that rainbow-colored, yarn-wrapped “Happy Birthday!” banner that I was going to make? Yeah, that didn’t happen. It was taking waaaay too long and I had to scrap it, so I used a “Happy Birthday” banner that we already had on hand instead.

And I filled my elephant teapot with more gerbera daisies.

Happy second birthday, my sweet little Eleanor.

Twenty Four Months Old (Eleanor’s Last Monthly Photo)

I took a photo of Eleanor sitting in the Eames rocker and wearing her felt pin each month until she turned two years old.

The end of this photo project seemed so far away when I started it, and now I can’t believe it’s here. I will continue to take a yearly picture, but our monthly shoots are at an end. I wanted to create something special for Eleanor, and these photos are a way for her to see what she was like as a baby. The documentation of a time in her life that she is most likely too young to remember.

I also created some great memories for myself along the way. I can’t believe my baby is two years old.

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Family Photo Time

We took a family photo yesterday, right before we left to go to my mom’s house.

Cute, right? Aw, what a sweet little family I have. And here’s what it took to get that shot… Continue Reading…

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