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Basement Progress

The walls are framed, the floors have been leveled, and much of the electrical work has been done. Our glass block windows are also in place, and most of the plumbing work is finished. Some of the heating ducts need to be moved, and I think there is more electrical work to be done, but supposedly we will be getting drywall very soon.

Hello, future laundry room and half-bath.

Hello, future lovely basement.

Tile for the Basement Laundry Room and Half-Bath

We’re going with Octagon & Dot in white, and charcoal gray for the grout.

It was just over $5/sq. ft., and we’ll be using it for the 8×10 laundry room and the 4.5×5.5 half-bath. Our total came to $650 with the grout, which to be honest was a little more than we had hoped to spend. It was the least expensive tile in that style though (vintagey, small scale, ceramic, and either round, hexagon, or octagon).

We looked at vinyl tiles as a more affordable solution, but I just didn’t love anything enough. Sure, we could have saved a few hundred dollars, but the look would have been totally different. In the end, I decided it was worth it to spend a little more to get what I really wanted, especially since it will be in our home for decades.

Spouting Off

Eleanor loves taking baths in our big blue tub, but we worry when her head gets too close to the spout. We needed a cover, and we figured we may as well try to find one that looked good. After all, there isn’t anything we can do about that surrounding tile and bad grout job (short of a full reno), but at least we can have something cute to distract us from it.

Whale Bathtub Spout

The Moby bath spout cover matches our tub perfectly, and it’s pretty darn adorable. Oh, but I should say it’s not the only cute thing in there to distract us… Especially when Eleanor makes her little scrunchy face.

Eleanor in the Bath

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