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Eleanor’s New Big-Girl Bed

We’ve made the transition from crib to twin-sized bed! Eleanor took to it right away. Brandon and I hyped it up for her (“your big-girl bed!”), and she watched us put it in her new bedroom. We started with Eleanor’s afternoon nap for a week before trying to get her to sleep in the bed overnight, and by that point it was no big deal.

Look how tiny she is in her new bed! Aw, little peanut.

I wrote a lot about trying to choose a bed. Vintage wicker peacock headboard? May not survive the toddler years. Toddler bed? Not for us. Adjustable toddler-to-twin? A strong contender. But in the end, I went with my favorite, a Jenny Lind bed.

I blame my indecisiveness on being very pregnant with August at the time, but happily it led to my working with Land of Nod to help furnish Eleanor’s room. Turns out they’re fans of Making it Lovely as much as I’m a fan of theirs! Brandon and I had already bought the bed on our own, but I’ll be furnishing the rest of the room in part thanks to them.

They provided the mattress and pillows, and they are super comfortable. I may have fallen asleep a few times while getting Eleanor to bed. The bedding is a pink zinnia quilt and sham mixed with striped sheets from west elm (the same sheets we have on our bed, but in green). We also have a comforter with a pink polka dot duvet cover for when it’s colder. I hung our vintage Tammis Keefe linen above the bed because I was concerned about hanging anything too heavy there, and I really like it. Also, you may have noticed the giant toy with one eye? Yeah, that’s our Muno pillow (Eleanor loves Yo Gabba Gabba).

I’m looking forward to getting the rest of the room set up too. We’ve started moving things in and bringing in some toys, and Eleanor’s excited!

* The bedding is on sale for 15% off through the end of May with the code “sleepy”.

Tammis Keefe Contented Cats Fabric

Michael Miller recently reissued several Tammis Keefe prints. When I saw the Contented Cats fabric I I had a flash of recognition. My step-mother had that print as a wall-hanging! I asked her about it because I thought it would be cute in Eleanor’s new room, so she brought it over for her on Saturday. Isn’t it cute?

I suspect it may have been intended as a tea towel originally. You can sometimes find them on eBay, but if you’re looking for the reissued Tammis Keefe fabrics, I found this print along with several others here.

Eleanor’s New Rocking Chair

Now that the basement is finished (yay!), we were able to start moving the studio furniture down there, making room for Eleanor’s new bedroom.

I ordered the mid-century rocker chair shortly after I wrote about it. Here’s a pre-haircut Eleanor, helping assemble her new chair.

The cushions make excellent stepping stones.

The chair doesn’t rock that much, especially on a rug, but that’s fine. It is low, but no more so than our Eames rocker. Eleanor loves it, and Brandon and I find it comfortable too.

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