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Mid-Century Rocker Chair

Remember the mid-century rocker chair from the fifth edition of my Making it Yours series? I loved it when I wrote about it last year, but we didn’t have a place for it in our home. Until now.

We’re going to be working on Eleanor’s new ‘big girl’ bedroom soon, and Brandon would like us to put a chair in there. I hadn’t thought about it because I assumed we’d just sit on her bed, but the attached guard rails are going to make that difficult, so a chair it is.

At first I thought we could use the Petrie armchair from the adjacent library, but it’s too large. Then I remembered the rocker. “It’s perfect for her room,” I told Brandon. “It’s low to the ground so E can get in and out easily, and she’ll love that it rocks! And it’s cheap (for a chair). I think it’s only $250.” He agreed. Then I went to look for it (and to double check that price), and it was no longer available. Cue the sad trumpet, wah wah.

Then today as I’m browsing the UO site, I notice that it’s back, and in a cute new lime color. Huzzah! It’s $289, a bit more than I had remembered, but still doable.

Come on home, little chair! We have the perfect spot all picked out for you.

How Low Can You Go?

With a bedside table, that is. I’ve been trying to find a cute round one for Eleanor’s new room. I thought the Martini Side Table would be perfect, but then I realized how short it is. Next to the bed, it would look something like this:

Too small, I think. The top of the mattress will be about two feet off the floor and the side table is only 16.5″ tall. Compare that with the 27.5″ tall Jenny Lind Nightstand that Land of Nod pairs with the bed, and it seems downright tiny.

These are in the running:

Pop-Up Storage Bedside Table (27″ tall)
Manchester Media Stand (25″ tall)

I like that I can store books on the shelves below, but I’m still pining for the cute Martini Table. I was also considering the Kartell Componibili (the tallest of which is 23″), but I’m not in love with the colors.

How high/low do you like your bedside table to be? Ours in the bedroom are about 6″ higher than the top of the mattress and that has always seemed like a good height, but I wouldn’t go any higher. The table should probably be at least even with the top of the mattress though, right?


12:45 p.m.
I did a little more Photoshop work. This is how the bed would look with the Pop-Up Table (painted green). Pretty cute.

Decision Made.

Eleanor will be sleeping in a Jenny Lind bed.

I know the peacock headboard is cool/unique/cute/awesome, but almost everyone that had one when growing up admitted to breaking off the circles. And the Minnen extendable bed is a great size (twin-sized width but adjustable in length), but the thin mattress and difficult bed-making would have bothered me. The only downside to the Jenny Lind bed was the higher price.

OK, I could have tried to be patient and waited for one (in good condition) to pop up on Craigslist or eBay. I could have even hoped that the poor review was wrong and went for the more affordable one at Sears/Kmart, but then I’d have to pay $90 for shipping. And either way I’d have to find bed rails and slats or a box spring. And prime and paint the frame. And really, with a basement renovation in progress (and plenty of work ahead there), and me being seven and a half months pregnant, the ready-to-go bed from Land of Nod was looking pretty good. And hello, it just happened to be on sale at a store that never puts their furniture on sale, for one day only on the very day I wrote about it? Yeah, I went ahead and took that as a sign. I ordered the bed that day, and Brandon picked it up at the Naperville warehouse Saturday morning.

Of course, we can’t set it up until we get the studio moved down to the basement. But soon. And by soon, I mean hopefully before the new baby arrives.

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