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The Basement Tile

It’s in, and it looks fantastic. The bathroom is a different green than the floor, though it’s hard to tell in the photos. There’s no lighting in there yet so it looks a little darker.

Here’s the laundry room. We’re going to get a new back door, so you can just ignore all of that ugliness there.

A closer look at the Octagon & Dot tile:

And here’s a photo from the same angle you’ve been seeing. It’s coming together, yes?

Planning the Laundry Room

The laundry room floor is getting the same white Octagon & Dot tile with charcoal grout as the half-bath. I had Martha Stewart’s “Cumulus Cloud” matched to Benjamin Moore paint for the walls, and it’s spot-on with their “Whirlpool” color. And hello there, sink of my dreams! I chose two faucets with built-in soap holders to go with it, and I cannot wait to see the whole thing in place. Old-fashioned sinks completely charm me.

I think a striped towel hanging from a red hook (this one or this one) near the sink will look nice, and the color will go with the red of our LG washer and dryer. We purchased those when we moved in four years ago, and they were the nicest things in our basement for a long time. Now we’ll finally have a laundry room worthy of such splashy appliances!

The wall color is a very subtle gray/blue, so in addition to the red I’m also thinking of bringing in a brighter blue as an accent. Maybe painting the back door? Or a piece of furniture? Or both? Here’s a little peek at some of the details…

I’m still planning the rest of the space. I figure we’ll need a little storage, a good surface for folding clothes on, a clothing rail for hanging items, and a drying rack. And maybe a stool to sit on. Oh, and probably some sort of laundry sorting system. Anything I’m missing here? We’ve never had a dedicated laundry room before and while I’m excited about making it lovely, I’m also dedicated to making it functional.

Thank you, Vintage Tub & Bath, for providing the sink and faucets.

Laundry Room Paint Color

And the winner is… pale blue! As I had mentioned, I’m not normally a fan of blue. I like certain shades though, so I’m willing to give it a shot. This laundry room may have tipped things in the color’s favor.

Plus, I do love blue with red, so I think the color will look beautiful with our red washer and dryer. I’m having Martha Stewart’s “Cumulus Cloud” color-matched to Benjamin Moore, but if you’re looking for an existing B. Moore color, it’s close to “Fanfare.” A nice grayish blue.

I’m also painting the storage/tool room in this color. It will look great with the olive painted floor! The only room I have left now is the half-bathroom — I have no idea what color I’m putting in there.

Benjamin Moore’s “Whirlpool” is an even better match than “Fanfare.”

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