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The Library Alcove’s New Storage

As my shop (Pink Loves Brown) has grown, so too has my need for more storage. The library’s alcove is right outside of my studio, so it’s a perfect place to store some of my inventory and supplies.

New Storage in the Library

The alcove used to be more pared down and it looked nice, but it didn’t really serve any function. I put four bookshelves with doors together in an ‘L’ shape, and it’s a much better use of space. The unit in the corner is only half-accessible, but it’s working out just fine.

The knobs on the doors were from Anthropologie. I bought them when we moved in for my closet before we decided to use sliding doors, but they were so pretty that I decided keep them. I had never found the right spot for them until now.

Also, note that I finally found an Orla Kiely pitcher (that I’m using as a vase) in green! I thought it was going to be yellow from the photos I had seen, but the green is nice.

Orla Kiely Vase

And because I know someone will ask if I don’t source them… Those are dried billy buttons in the vase. I bought two big bunches a while back, and they’re always showing up in various spots all around the house.

Primrose Fabric: Yay or Nay?

I haven’t sewn anything yet… I just draped the fabric over the curtain rod.

Possible New Curtains

I don’t think it looks bad. True, there is no yellow in the fabric, but I think it looks fine next to the stairway color.

Plans for the Library

Our “library” (the landing at the top of the stairs) looks pretty good. I mean, it was even in a magazine not long ago… but I’ve always thought that it could look better.

My Library
(photo by Janet Mesic-Mackie for Home Magazine, September 2008)

The little light in the room is horrible and it doesn’t even fully cover the hole in the ceiling for it, but I’ve had a hard time finding a replacement because our ceilings upstairs are only 7.5′ tall. I had ordered this Jonathan Adler light previously, but it was far too large for the space and we used it in my studio instead. I did see this light recently, and it may work since it’s a bit smaller.

The stairway woodwork has been painted mustard yellow (“Campground” by Behr), which does look nice with our current curtains, but I was never a huge fan of those. They’re okay, but not great. I’ve always loved Amy Butler’s Lime Primrose fabric, and seeing it recently as pillows made me revisit the idea of using it for new library curtains.

I’m just a little worried that the fabric won’t work with the yellow wall. Brandon’s mom gave us a curvy wooden side table recently (and the go-ahead to paint it or do whatever we want to it), so maybe it would be nice if it were painted the same yellow? I also have a neat little side table on the way that could be painted. Or we could keep a dark brown side table to match the legs on the chair and ottoman, and rely on the mustard yellow throw that’s in the room (which was just $1 at goodwill). The Orla Keily pitcher from Target that I’m eagerly awaiting (used as a vase with some pink flowers) would be nice too.

Library Updates

I love the fabric so much, I’m determined to make it work.

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