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Icicles and Ornaments

There are some spectacular icicles on all of the houses in my neighborhood. Very pretty, and also a little scary (I worry when Brandon goes out to shovel).

Icicles and Ornaments

I made those paper ornaments a couple of years ago (based on the instructions from design*sponge), but I don’t think they’ve shown up in any of my photographs before. I love the way they look with the icicles behind them.

Home Magazine

Our library is the ‘Reader Before and After’ feature (pages 48-50) in the September 2008 issue of Home Magazine!

My Library in Home Magazine, September 2008

This is what June’s photo shoot was for. They photographed the studio and my office as well, but those are just on file and I don’t know if they’ll use them at any point.

Home Magazine, September 2008

The library (er, excuse me, the “book nook”) looks fantastic. Thank you, Beth Roehrig and Home Magazine!

Acting Natural

…in photographs takes a lot of work.

We’re in the middle of a photo shoot today! Brandon and I posed (very casually – “turn left, no, more right, tilt your body, lean in, hold it…”) in the library, and the office and studio are being photographed as well. It’s for a September magazine, so I’ll spill the beans when it’s out!

$50 worth of flowers (in 5 vases) has made the house very cheery, by the way.

On My Desk

The photographers have been here since 8 o’clock this morning, and I’m not sure they’re even halfway finished yet! Their photos look amazing though.

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