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Nailhead Curtains

I first wrote about these nailhead curtains back in July of last year. I wanted them but I hesitated and they were gone. I noticed that west elm is carrying them again though, so with the help of a few gift cards I went ahead and bought a pair of panels for the living room.

Nailhead Curtains

I’m still not sure how they’ll look with the color of the couch, but we’ll see. This is like a shopping second chance and I’d be kicking myself if I didn’t at least try them!

Pink Moroccan Pouf

Ahhhh. I’m loving my new pouf. It is SO nice to be able to prop my feet up, AND it looks cute in the room.

Pink Moroccan Pouf

I ordered my Moroccan Pouf from John Derian, but honestly I should have probably gone with the less expensive pouf from Tazi. I was fixated on the more expensive one, mostly because of this photo from Domino. I felt like I knew what to expect and I didn’t know if the other would look the same… though it probably would have. So I do feel a bit foolish now for spending so much on a footrest, but oh well. I do like it quite a bit.

Living Room, Preparing for Baby

As promised, I’ve taken some better shots of the living room as it looks these days. Here’s a panoramic I put together from three photos:

Living Room Panoramic

The baby stuff is slowly starting to show up in the house now… We have a wicker bassinet in our bedroom (a family heirloom on Brandon’s side), a Jenny Lind cradle in the living room (that my little brother and sister slept in), the new Eames rocker, and a few other big items. I can already tell it’s going to be a challenge to keep my house from being taken over by primary colors and plastic!

Eames Rocker in the Living Room

I was a little worried that the rocker would look funny being in such close proximity to our IKEA Eames/Nelson derivative at Brandon’s desk, but it looks fine.

Living Room & Brandon's Office

And the cradle, as big as it is in our small living room, looks fine too. I actually really like having an item in the room that definitively says “baby” — Brandon and I are so excited to meet her!

Living Room with Rocker and Cradle

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