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The Living Room, Reimagined

One of the most frequently asked questions is “How does Brandon like pink?”. It’s often accompanied with statements like “I wish I could put pink in my house but my husband would kill me”.

Luckily for me, Brandon doesn’t mind it. I started imagining what our living room would look like with a very different color scheme though…

First, we have the room as it is now:

My Living Room

I kept a lot of the items the same for the new design. The Nelson light, the Jasper couch, Eames LCW, and west elm media console stay. The side table and coffee table (both from Target) are sticking around too. Those are all neutrals (and pieces that I like a lot), so they’d work with just about anything I add to the mix.

Here we have different paint, pillows, lamps, fabrics, and art:

My Living Room… Reimagined

Look, I get to bring back the black and white rug I loved so much! I like mixing patterns, and I think the Astrid chair in black and white would be nice and punchy. All of the color is brought in through the paint, curtains, pillows, and lamps. So easy to switch out when you tire of the color…

Is it terrible that I want the reimagined version now? I can’t swap everything out, but DAMN it would be fun.

The Living Room, Version 492

The Madeline Weinrib rug is now in place, zigging and zagging it up.

My Living Room

My Living Room

The room suddenly looks very pink. Maybe that’s a stupid thing to notice, seeing as how the walls are painted pink, but WOW the rug makes a big difference.

My Living Room

My Living Room

Of course, we had to keep Murray’s little fluffy rug.

My Living Room

Hopefully we’ll have time to hang our wallpaper soon in the dining room. I think the new rug might look good in there too, or in the bedroom. I’m happy with it in the living room for now though!

The Owl and the Pussycat

I picked up a couple of new accessories for the end tables in the living room.

The Owl…
The Owl (a vintage cookie jar)…

…and the Pussycat
…and the Pussycat.

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