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We’re Up To Something

I’ve (maybe) chosen a new paint color for the kitchen. We’re thinking of painting the walls next weekend. And the trim. *Insert audible gasp here.*

New Kitchen Colors

Remember, this is what the kitchen looks like now.

the kitchen

Also, Eleanor helped assemble some flat-packed Swedish furniture for my office. So handy, that little girl is!

Trying to Sew a Slipcover

I had this idea a year and a half ago to slipcover my desk chair, and I’ve finally gotten around to trying it. Guess what… it’s way harder than I thought it would be! Of course, I am a novice seamstress at best, but I’ve had some sewing successes and I thought I could do this. Well, I made three pocket-like things that are fitting (sort of), but I have no idea how to connect them. I’ve been sitting on my chair like this for about a week now…

TRYING to make a new cover

There’s no shame in giving up on a crafty project, right? What about you guys? Have you had better success with this type of thing? Do tell.

CD Storage?

Yesterday, Brandon said something that made me very happy: “Let’s get rid of all these CD cases.”

CD Storage

Right now, we have most of our CDs in the five BENNO towers that are in my office to the left and right of my EXPEDIT. We also have several hundred more in my office closet though, and in the stacks and stacks that seem to accumulate throughout the house.

CD Storage

We need to condense our music library, but we’re not ready to go 100% digital. These Semikolon boxes look really nice, but I think we’d need too many. Plus, I already have a million IKEA KASSETT boxes in pink (which seems to be a discontinued color), so I could just use those. Maybe if we transfered all of the CDs into paper sleeves that would make boxes more of a practical option? Or these CD/booklet display sleeves so we can store the liner notes too? Or maybe the CD binder route would be better — I think that’s what Brandon wants.

CD Storage Options

How do you store your music? Or have you guys gone completely digital? And while we’re at it, what about DVDs and video games? ‘Cause we’ve run out of space for those too.

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