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White Elephant

This is why stopping at garage sales can be dangerous.

White Elephant

I’ve been looking for a ceramic garden stool to go next to my egg chair as a little side table, but I haven’t had much luck finding a good inexpensive one. Now I have a bizarre little elephant to set my drinks on instead.

Murray’s a little creeped out by it.

Murray and the White Elephant

Painting the Porch Rug

Here’s how I spent my Saturday afternoon…

Painted Rug in Progress

There’s me, the round little roly-poly VERY pregnant lady, painting the porch. Aye, my back hurts! And please note that the Chicago weather is NOT cooperating with us. I’m wearing a shirt, a hoodie, and a big bulky sweater — it was only 45 degrees out.

To be fair, I must let you know that Brandon, his sister Jessica, and several other people have offered to help me paint. It had to be me though because I was painting the pattern freehand. I couldn’t just pick stripes or a checkerboard pattern that someone else could work on for me, now could I? No, that would have been too easy, and of course I’m all about making things difficult as can be. ;) The pattern was inspired by a rug from Urban Outfitters, and also the flower petal patterns my grandmother used to draw.

Painted Rug in Progress

Brandon made some excellent progress today as well. Our table and chair set has been painted!

Spray Painting Furniture

We still have a few things to do for the front porch, but they should go fairly quickly. And as I told my mom, we still have time because the baby isn’t due until Tuesday and I’ve instructed her to stay put until then. We have too much to do before she arrives, and our doctor will be out of town until Monday night. I’m sure the baby will listen, right?

Up for the Challenge: Part Two

My second post for the 48-Hour Challenge is up! This week I described the planning process and talked a bit about what we’re going to do on the front porch.

Gathering Ideas for the Front Porch

Check it out!

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