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More Yard Work

In progress.

More Yard Work

Lovely Tree! Now What?

My Eastern Redbud was supposed to be delivered on the 29th, but it came early!

My New Eastern Redbud

It’s much bigger than I thought, which is good! I thought it was only 6 feet tall, but it’s actually around 10 feet. It’s the first thing you see when you walk into the backyard.

The Backyard

Well, it may not be the first thing you see…

The Backyard

My eye goes straight to the neighbor’s oddly shaped trees and overgrown garden. So while I absolutely love my new tree, I don’t exactly love the view surrrounding it.

Something more like this, perhaps?

Idea for the Backyard (?)

Suggestions are welcome. The only things I have now are the tree, a compact burning bush behind it (in the corner), and weeds.

Plants for the Backyard

I love planning my garden. I keep putting in flowers and plants, thinking “this is probably going to look really good in a few years”.

Here’s the plan for the left side of our yard along the fence, cutesy illustration style:

Plants for the Backyard

That’s the neighbor’s tree, but it’s very close to the fence and it hangs over our yard. Hydrangeas (and hostas) will do well in the shade underneath. A variegated Ivory Halo Dogwood will provide some privacy for the egg chair that I want so badly, and peonies and a lilac bush will provide some nice spring blooms.

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