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The Front Porch as it is Now

I don’t know if it’s finished, but I’m done working on it for the year. I would still like to paint the wooden stools and add a long window box behind each bench, but those little projects can wait.

Our Front Porch

We really like spending time out here. Eleanor and I start out most mornings by sitting on this side of the porch, watching neighbors and cars go by.

Our Front Porch

Some of the ferns are a little out of control…

Our Front Porch

But it makes the porch feel lush and green.

Our Front Porch

Tomorrow, I’ll post a design board with sources listed for everything.

Homegrown Tomatoes

Another item off the 30 Before Thirty list: 25. Grow tomatoes. Done!

Tomatoes from my Garden

And they are delicious.

Tomatoes from my Garden

I’d better get moving on the rest of my list though. I have less than two months to go and still 19 items to complete. Yikes. And here I thought I was making good progress…


I finally figured out what I want for a coffee table on the front porch, since I gave our furniture to my mom. I was looking through Apartment Therapy’s Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces (excellent book, by the way) and noticed that Maxwell had cut down an IKEA FROSTA stool to use as a low end table in his living room. Perfect! I can group three of them together and cut them down so that they’re the right height, then paint them.

Except IKEA seems to have discontinued it.

But my local store still has some in stock! So now I’m planning to head out there today and buy a bunch. At first I thought I’d just want three. Then I thought I could get two more to put a couple of plants on. Then I was thinking that I should buy about ten of them because they’re discontinued and what if they don’t have them anymore and mine get ruined because they’re not really supposed to be outside or what if I find another use for them and then I can’t find them anymore!? Then I realized that that was hoarder mentality and I should not be so crazy. So I’m back down to five. I think.

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