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Eames Rocker

We may be buying an Eames rocker for the living room!

Well, technically, it would be a “fiberglass shell chair” from Modernica. It’s an Eames rocker without the Eames license (though I’d argue that they’re just as authentic if not more so). Now I’m trying to decide on a color… hmmm.

Natural is nice, but so is white. Mustard looks yummy, but I’m afraid I’ll tire of it and it may not look right with the yellow curtains we already have. I thought the pink was too vivid, but it’s beautiful in this photo from Rachel’s House Tour on Apartment Therapy.

I’m wondering if the pink might be too much in my living room though, since we do already have pale pink walls and a pink zigzag rug. I think I love it in Rachel’s home because it’s an isolated spot of color.

My Living Room

I would put the rocker near the window and the Eames LCW that’s there now would be relocated to another room.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there is a sort of an Eames/Nelson knockoff chair (from IKEA) in Brandon’s office that’s right off the living room.

Brandon's Office

Would it be strange to see the real thing and a modified version in such proximity? Especially if both chairs were the same color?


Wallpapering Takes a Long Time

The good news is that we’ve started wallpapering the dining room! The bad news… it’s taking forever. We worked from noon until six yesterday, and we averaged one strip per hour which is just ridiculous. It’s because our walls are so incredibly wonky, but I suppose that’s to be expected in a hundred year old house.

This corner was the worst of it.

I think that little area alone took about three and a half hours.

I’m thrilled with the work that we’ve completed, but I severely underestimated the time involved! We aren’t exactly looking forward to the next few evenings. Being pregnant probably isn’t helping speed things along.

Hoping for a Productive Weekend

We have rolls and rolls of wallpaper for the dining room just sitting on a closet shelf. The dining room needs to be primed with wallpaper sizing first – not sure if I should be doing that. We have all of the supplies though… I’ve been tempted to just start the project already.

Fabric & Wallpaper

Have any of you hung wallpaper? I’m trying to convince Brandon that we should do it this weekend, but he wants to wait until his mom is in for Thanksgiving because she’s done it before. Sounds good, except we have a photo shoot coming up (yay!). I’m not sure when it will be exactly, but I know it will be soon and I would like the dining room to be finished in time.

Plus I’m sick of looking at the dining room with its one little section of green wall. It’s been that way since, oh, March.

ZigZag Chair Fabric

I think I’ll get the pink fabric on the chairs at least. We have five chairs with green fabric and one with the green zigzags in the photo. Again, since March. Awesome.

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