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I’m sure I planted them too late (I just took my chances with a $1 packet of seeds), but my cosmos are in full bloom in the garden.

Bee in the Cosmos


Updating an IKEA Lamp

This is a super simple IKEA hack that took about 10 minutes this morning.

I wanted a light in the alcove in the nursery, but I was concerned about little fingers meddling and getting burned by a hot bulb. IKEA sells the TASSA NATT lamp for $5, and the main draw is that it’s tamper-proof and it doesn’t get hot. Great, except for the little frog/bugs on it.

Simple IKEA Hack

The cover comes off very easily though.

Simple IKEA Hack

I just traced it onto prettier paper and recovered the lamp.

Simple IKEA Hack

The new cover may not last as long (the original was vinyl), but it’s easy enough to switch out every so often.

Finished IKEA Light

Early Nursery Ideas

Thank you for all the kind words and well wishes! I don’t know why, but I was nervous about announcing my pregnancy. Excited, but nervous. I think announcing it on the blog was the closest thing I could experience to telling one’s employer – not that it’s the same, but still…

Anyway, no I have not planned the nursery yet. Now that I’m feeling better though and the little blob is here to stay, you can bet I’m gathering ideas! The design I did for the first installment of Making it Yours (Sophisticated Nursery) is gorgeous, but it’s not the style I’m going for in my own house. Although I do love the crib that I used.

We do have a dresser for the room, but it currently looks like this…

Dresser, Waiting to be Finished

Yikes. Brandon primed the main part of it, but the priming needs to be finished and then the actual painting. At this point I’m thinking white, but I might hold off because I think it would look pretty great in a glossy bright color.

I started looking at changing tables too. I had something in mind, and I found exactly what I was thinking of at Land of Nod and Target. I’m a little confused though, because they have the same name (Jenny Lind) and look nearly identical, but they have very different prices. So which one?

Actually, I think the changing table would be really cute in a bright color too. I like the small size and the open look, since the nursery (currently our guest room) is so small and oddly shaped. It will take the place of the black table that’s in there now.

The Guest Room

This is fun! A whole new room to work on…

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