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The Nailhead Linen Curtains Are Up

Nailhead Linen Curtains

I’ve put the nailhead curtains up in the living room. The color is perfect with the couch, but it may be a little too perfect (bordering on matchy-matchy). And I actually miss the zip of the yellow curtains! It looks like Brandon may have been right after all. What do you think?

Braxton Lighting

We’re going to add lights to the front and back porches. Hooray, we’ll be able to see as we walk down the stairs! I’ve ordered a flushmount and sconce from Restoration Hardware’s Braxton Lighting Collection.

Braxton Lights

Look at what the electrician left us with in the kitchen though. Are there better looking light switches that go one above the other? There is not enough room for the standard side by side switches that I was expecting, and I would like something, you know, less ugly. The electrician said that he could replace the switches with white ones, and I suppose a new switch plate and some touch up paint will help. Still, I miss the simple standard switch that we used to have.

Trying to Sew a Slipcover

I had this idea a year and a half ago to slipcover my desk chair, and I’ve finally gotten around to trying it. Guess what… it’s way harder than I thought it would be! Of course, I am a novice seamstress at best, but I’ve had some sewing successes and I thought I could do this. Well, I made three pocket-like things that are fitting (sort of), but I have no idea how to connect them. I’ve been sitting on my chair like this for about a week now…

TRYING to make a new cover

There’s no shame in giving up on a crafty project, right? What about you guys? Have you had better success with this type of thing? Do tell.

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