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Keynote Speaker at BlogPodium

This has been a Lovely Life List kind of week. I was in Toronto (cross the Canadian border, check!) to give a keynote speech (check!) at BlogPodium, Canada’s first and only design conference series for bloggers. The event was created by Jennifer Flores and Lindsay Stephenson and focused on the business of blogging.

I’m shy and awkward in social situations, but I actually like public speaking. Giving the keynote at BlogPodium felt a lot like the online video courses I’ve been teaching for Alt Summit. I prepared in the same way, by structuring my talk around the presentation I created, and the hour-long format was the same. The big difference, obviously, was in being able to see my audience.

It was good though! You know, except for the part where I tried to leave the stage with the little remote for advancing the slide presentations. I was nervously fiddling with it throughout my speech, and I walked off with it. I only got a few feet away before I realized it, hence my expression in the photo below. (See the remote in my hands?)

The panel after me consisted of Cheryl Kozoriz, Laura Muirhead, Lindsay Stephenson, and Cheryl Dovey, and moderated by Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault. They spoke further about the business of blogging, and touched on the differences between American and Canadian bloggers.

Toronto has an amazing blogging community (I wish we had something like it in Chicago), and I had a great time meeting and spending time with so many Canadian design bloggers. Thank you, BlogPodium, for having me!

All photos by Mango Studios

Kathryn’s Bedroom in Adore Home Magazine

I helped a reader of Making it Lovely, Kathryn, with her bedroom not long ago. It was a fun project to work on, and the room is now featured in the new issue of Adore Home, an Australian online magazine!

The coverage of Kathryn’s bedroom starts on page 120.

Thanks, Adore Home.

Eleanor’s Bizarro World Room

The Land of Nod was so into the bedroom I designed for Eleanor (which they helped furnish) that they recreated the look for their new catalog. It’s on page 61.

Our copy arrived today, and I showed it to Eleanor. “Does this look like your room?” I asked her. She looked at it, then started pointing at toys and asking to play with them upstairs. The girl really wants her mercury glass mushrooms and toy calliope, please.

Here’s Eleanor’s room, for reference.

Quite the resemblance, right? (Although, now that I think about it… they’re based in Chicago. I’m in Chicago. Dudes, why didn’t you just shoot here?)

Anyway, thanks team Nod! It was neat to see the Bizarro World version in the catalog.

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