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Katamari Damacy Baby Costume

Katamari Baby!

She’s the Prince. And that costume too waaaaaay too long to make!

Katamari Baby!

Katamari PrinceI think she looks pretty cute, even if you aren’t familiar with the Katamari games. Of course, if you’re confused you can visit the official Katamari website (fair warning: there is music), or consult the all-knowing Wikipedia. And then there’s always YouTube (na na na na na na na na na, Katamari Damacy).

Happy Halloween!

This Project Made Possible by You!

This Project Made Possible by You!

I’ve created a little banner to identify projects funded by our winnings in the 48-Hour Challenge. We’ve held onto the money until we could decide how best to use it. Half has been set aside for an important business expense (securing Trademarks), and the other half is being divvied up among several new projects around the house. Thank you again for your support, and for making all of this possible!

Felt Pin with Interchangeable Center

I’ve been planning to take a photo of Eleanor each month, and I wanted a way to mark each one for easy identification. I ran across a prize-ribbon tutorial recently, and I was going to make one but I didn’t have the right kind of ribbon. Sure, I could have gone out and bought some, but I had a sleeping baby in the house and a desire to make something now. I ended up rummaging through my craft closet for supplies that I had on hand and I came up with a felt version instead.

Finished Pin w/ Numbers

First I cut two matching circles out of pink and white felt.

Tracing Circles

Then I cut a slightly larger circle out of brown felt with pinking shears (using one of my pocket mirrors as a template).

Cutting w/ Pinking Shears

Next I marked an asterisk pattern on the pink felt circle, stacked it on top of the white circle, and then cut out eight triangular points.

Cutting Parts

I chose a few cute ribbons to form the tails…

Ribbon for the Pin

Then I hand stitched all of my parts together and formed the body of the pin.

Sewing the Pin

I could have stopped there or sewn a button in the center if I just wanted to make a cute pin, but I wanted to be able to change the center each month for Eleanor’s age (in months). Since I have ready access to a button machine (I make pins and magnets with it for my shop), I decided to make 24 numbered buttons. May as well make this a two year photo project, eh?

Punching Out Buttons

Now I can just swap out the center each month and Eleanor can wear the correct number on the pin each month for her photo!

Finished Pin w/ Numbers

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