MiY 5d: Reading Nook

James and Eugenia, our fictional couple with exceptionally good taste in furniture, have just moved to Chicago! They have a long but wide hallway in their new place that they’re setting up as a mini-library. They don’t have a ton of space, so the small scale of the mid-century rocker chair is perfect for a little reading nook.

Bookshelves with glass doors line the wall (the same bookshelves we have in our hallway library), and a glossy black floor lamp illuminates the area. The walls are painted a charming blue-green, and there isn’t enough room for a full rug but a graphic black and white runner works perfectly here. The apartment has a nice lived-in feel, so books are always scattered on the little side tables along with a few coffee mugs that hadn’t made their way to the kitchen yet. Eugenia also likes to keep a blanket (in orange, James’ favorite color) over the arm of the chair in case she gets cold.

James and Eugenia have a spare room that they thought they’d setup as an office, but it looks like they’ll be turning it into a nursery instead! We’ll see that room next time in the final look for this edition of Making it Yours.

My Wedding Dress

Brandon and I were married May 22, 2004. Recently, a few of you have asked to see my wedding dress because I mentioned that it was hanging in the closet I’ve been organizing. Not being one to disappoint, here it is.

"the album cover"

I wore a white silk dress by Watters & Watters. I also wore red lipstick, my hair in a bun with my mom’s veil, simple stud earrings, and a big sparkly brooch on my dress. Brandon wore his suit with a pink tie and a lily of the valley boutonniere. My bouquet was made of pink peonies, lilies, old-fashioned roses, and lily of the valley.

Brandon and me

on the cheek

Brandon and me

Still Organizing the Closet

I had a few hours to work on the office closet while Eleanor was being watched yesterday afternoon, but it was not enough time to finish. I thought I could continue after putting Eleanor to bed, but no. She’s teething, getting five teeth at once (four of them molars), so she has been a wee bit cranky.

Still, the closet is looking so much better already from using the organizational odds and ends that I already had. Here’s a little inspiration though to check out while I continue working… How gorgeous are these Stockholm files? Lovely.

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