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A New Year, A New Decade

We’re back from vacation and I’m feeling a mix of emotions as this new year begins. Nerves and excitement around shifting my business toward client work while figuring out how to still keep the elements of what I’ve been doing here (since 2007!) fun and fulfilling. The new decade feels like a new beginning.

A Winter Wonderland

But then things also remain very much the same don’t they? Right now it feels most exciting to focus in on the little organizational projects have been put off. January will do that to a person. In our house, closets and cabinets stay neat but the piles that grow around them do not. The kids’ rooms after Christmas are stuffed with toys both new and old and the hall is collecting spillover. Clothes and craft supplies abound. Even our books have grown too numerous! Surely you can always find a spot for one more book, right? At some point, no. The whole house needs a good decluttering and it’s overwhelming but necessary for physical and mental space.

2020, last year of my thirties. First year of a new decade. I’m ready.

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