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Happy Valentine’s Day! Here are a whole bunch of links, almost none of which have to do with the day. ;)

The Ace Hotel in LA

My Writing, Elsewhere…
Enamelware in the Kitchen

Garance Doré - I Love You Guys

Patterned Ceilings to Look Up to
My Writing, Elsewhere…

Lorde, Interviewed by Tavi Gevinson

  • Lorde, interviewed by Tavi. This next generation of women is going to be awesome.

  • I remember being asked by my parents to shield my eyes during the racier (not really) parts of Dirty Dancing. How uncomfortable would it be to see Nymphomaniac with your folks? Filmmaker Craig Johnson accidentally went to the screening with his, at Sundance. Here’s his mom’s review.
    “I might have looked away a little bit during the montage of penises, because frankly that wasn’t very attractive.”

  • Honest labels for handmade gifts.

  • You should probably think twice before spray painting frequently used hardware. It’s probably not going to hold up.

The Apostle Islands' Icy Caves

  • Walking a mile on ice is terrifying to me (you’ll fall in and drown!), but I’m fascinated by the Apostle Islands’ icy caves that are otherwise only accessible by kayak (you’ll tip over and drown!).
    We honeymooned up at the Apostle Islands. It was May, before tourist season, and it was creepy and desolate. Also, I thought that our nighttime ferry trip, during a bad storm and lit only by flashes of lightning, would capsize and we’d drown, but… pretty islands! Cool caves! (…I’m afraid of large, open bodies of water. Could you guess?)

  • Grace’s State of the Blog Union Address was a fantastic summary of something a lot of us have been noticing lately. Kottke also wrote about the shift recently.

  • “What’s the worst song of all time? It’s ‘We Built This City,’ right?””

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