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Blue Shower Tiles

Patterned Rugs
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The Overprotected Kid

Get the Look: A Black, White, and Wood Bathroom
My Writing, Elsewhere…

Sarah Jessica Parker's Home

  • Sarah Jessica Parker came across as really sweet and likeable in this clever 73 question interview, but come on! We all want to see more of her home now!

  • Wes Anderson’s music supervisor on their 12 most memorable scenes.

  • Creative types: do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Creative Block.

  • Pretty sure I would not ride in an elevator with this thing.

  • “I know Garfield minus Garfield was the one that got a real book and everything but Garfield without Garfield’s Thought Balloons is way funnier to me.” Yes.

Spring Flowers
My Writing, Elsewhere…

  • All the greenery outside is still brown, trees have yet to sprout new leaves, and there’s plenty of slush on the ground. But! Spring flowers are popping up for sale! Time to find some really pretty vases for them.

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