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Style: June ’11

I love this dress so much, I wrote about it on Babble too. It comes in two other patterns, but I wanted to pair it with this kooky necklace so I chose the solid one here. These glasses are kind of kooky too, so I balanced the overall look with a classic leather bag and trendy sandals.* I think this is the perfect outfit for sitting in a museum and sketching, or maybe browsing the stacks at a used bookstore.

* I received a pair of those sandals for review. Thanks, Wanted.

Eleanor Chose Her Own Clothes Today

Oh, girl. You own that look.

Style: May 2011

This is a prettier version of what I’ve been wearing lately. I wrote about that top on Babble not long ago, and I’m still loving it. It’s nursing friendly, and I like to wear it tucked into a skirt (though it looks great over jeans too). The top calls for a long necklace, and a leather belt polishes the look when the shirt is tucked in. Metallic flats are another way to add some polish (why go for basic black?), and I’d add a little gold ring too. Finally, I’d carry a big red bag to keep things interesting with a bold color. And add red lipstick. And liquid eyeliner. Done.

I think I need to step it up a little around here. The tailored skirt and belt are really all I’m missing from this outfit (I have reasonable facsimiles for the rest), but compared to the lazy jersey skirt I’ve been wearing, they make all the difference. I haven’t been buying much clothing over the last three years, other than some necessary maternity wear, because my body has been in a constant state of change. First I was pregnant, then I was nursing for over a year and I lost the baby weight plus twenty pounds, but then I turned right around and got pregnant again. Now I’m nursing again, but carrying some extra weight and feeling chubby. I hadn’t been particularly inspired by fashion recently, but it feels nice to look nice and I would love that skirt and belt in the size I am now.

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