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Chromatic Typewriter

Amazing! This is a conceptual piece by artist. Tyree Callahan, who modified a typewriter by replacing the keys with pads of color.

p.s. Check out another artist’s take on a different ‘type’ of typewriter art.

[via Collossal]

Paint-by-Numbers, Giant Wall Mural Inspiration

I’ve painted original murals before for my nephews, but it’s been a while. These giant paint-by-numbers murals have me inspired though, maybe enough to actually commit to making one! It might be something fun to do in the play room area of the basement.

I don’t think it would be difficult, but it would be incredibly time-consuming. Here’s a peek at the process…

A crazy amount of work. I think the results are just the right amount of cheesy goodness though! You like? Or are they too cheesy for you?

Batanica Caps Poster

Beautiful. Illustrator Sasha Prood has launched a new print shop, which includes the hand-lettered Batanica Caps Poster you see above. The letters are also available as a non-keyable font.

You can see more of Sasha’s work in her portfolio too.

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