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Batanica Caps Poster

Beautiful. Illustrator Sasha Prood has launched a new print shop, which includes the hand-lettered Batanica Caps Poster you see above. The letters are also available as a non-keyable font.

You can see more of Sasha’s work in her portfolio too.

Jere Urchin vs. Nova Starburst

What do you think about these? The original C. Jere Urchin sculpture has been reissued and is available through Jonathan Adler. The other is called Nova Starburst, but appears to be heavily influenced by the Jere Urchin. I like both and was considering the less expensive set for my office, but I’m not sure.

So, “inspired by” or “knockoff of?” And does it matter to you?

Will We Have Rainbows, Day After Day? (Free Printable)

My Grandma Rose sang when she was happy, and it wasn’t until years later that I realized most of the songs she sang were by Doris Day. Que Sera, Sera was one of her favorites.

I thought it would make a sweet print for Eleanor, though I did take a little liberty with the lyrics. Doris asks her mother, “Will I be pretty, will I be rich?”, and she asks her sweetheart the line about rainbows. I transposed them because I thought it was better for a little girl’s room that way, and the fact that I could make “RAINBOWS” in rainbow colors may have swayed me a little too.

You may download and print this PDF for your own personal use. The file is 8″x10″, so it will print nicely on a sheet of paper. I used card stock and a white wooden frame from Target.

I’d love to see it if you put this print in your own home too!

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