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Another Baby on the Way

We’re expecting our third baby this September!

Baby Number Three: Coming Soon! #makingitlovely

I bought these hooks back when Brandon and I had decided to try for another baby, and then tucked them away for a while. I was going to do a whole little setup like in the picture above to surprise him with the news. Instead what ended up happening was that I saw that faint second line on a pregnancy test, I ran and found the ‘number 3′ hook, then thrust it at a still-sleepy Brandon. It might have been a little confusing, being woken up by your wife with a hook in her hand and a very goofy smile on her face.

We told the kids a couple of weeks ago, along with the rest of our family. August is happy, but I don’t know if he really gets it yet. Eleanor, on the other hand, is so excited. She talks about the baby all the time, and has come up with a few name suggestions: Cinderella if it’s a girl, otherwise Super-Boy. Brandon keeps joking with her it’s going to be Maudius or Claudius, and she wrinkles her nose up at the idea. Her ideas are just so much better, you know?

We’re all looking forward to the baby’s arrival in September, but it’s a good thing we still have six months to think of some possible names. Or maybe Eleanor’s on to something?

August’s Third Birthday Party

August and Eleanor

August requested a Star Wars birthday party this year, switching after initially wanting it to feature dinosaurs. (I think Brandon was just as excited about the theme as the guest of honor was.) Our party decorations consisted of balloons, and many, many Star Wars toys. Everywhere. A lot of them were Brandon’s, from when he was a kid.

Star Wars Toys

AT-AT on the Table

Birthday Party Balloons

His backpack’s got jets. He’s Boba the Fett.

August, Boba Fett

And Eleanor is a young Jedi with the eye of the tiger.

Young Jedi Eleanor

I tried to get the cat, Kili, in on the action too. Those Yoda ears didn’t stay put for long.

Yoda Ears on the Cat

We had soup and sandwiches, followed by cake of course. Han Solo frozen in carbonite = best birthday cake ever. (Reuter’s always does a great job.)

Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Birthday Cake

Our little guy is three!

August and His Cake

Three Years Old (August’s Yearly Photo)

August is trying, with his hand, to show us that he’s three! (Three is the trickiest number to show with your fingers, you know.)

I took monthly photos of Eleanor until she turned two, and then switched to yearly pictures. Now I’m doing the same for August. New house, new setting, new messy-hair haircut (I tried to comb it), same awesome kid, same chair. August finished up his monthly photos on his birthday last year, so now we’re on to yearly shots!

Three Years Old (August's Yearly Photo)
Three Years Old (August's Yearly Photo)

August's Yearly Photos, 2014

I love having these to look back on.

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