New Lights, and New Favorites

There are three existing lights in the hallway: the one that you can see below, hanging down (which is cute and has a round glass shade), and two others that don’t match. Now that the hall construction is complete and the walls have been painted, I want all three lights to be identical for continuity. I was looking for flush mount fixtures in brass to match the metal finishes throughout the Victorian, in a small scale, and in a classic style. I wanted something that looked good, but nothing that was too much of an in-your-face statement piece (hallways are utilitarian spaces — they don’t exactly need chandeliers!). I’ve been a fan of Schoolhouse Electric’s fixtures for ages, so when they offered to provide lighting, I chose three Newberry 4″ pendant fixtures in brass and these white glass shades. They arrived a couple of days ago, and they’re going to look fantastic.

The New Lighting for the Hallway

(Oof, that belly. Almost done!)

We’re rewiring the house soon and getting rid of the old BX, along with any hidden knob and tube that’s still active (oh, the joys of old houses!), so we’ll have new fixtures installed then. We’re also having all of the switches on the first and second floors changed out for new push-button switches at the same time. There are a few original ones left in the house, and I love them! I’m so excited that all of the switches are going to match.

OK, and I have to share the new collection that Schoolhouse Electric just released this week. We’d been emailing back and forth about the lights, and they gave me a sneak peek at everything… and whoa. Way more exciting than finishing up a hallway! First of all, this bedroom is perfection. You know I love a good Jenny Lind bed, and a good floral.

Schoolhouse Electric Bedroom, Fall 2014

My favorites from the new line are below. I want to put a room together around all of these pieces! Can’t you just see it? So awesome when a collection leaves you feeling inspired.

Favorites from Schoolhouse Electric, Fall 2014

  1. Brass Planters

  2. Flowering Confetti — His — Silhouette Framed Art

  3. Flowering Confetti — Hers — Silhouette Framed Art

  4. Wayne Pate Bouquet Framed Art

  5. Fuller Pendant — White Glass

  6. Charcoal Stripe Linen Duvet

  7. Ceramic Bud Vase

  8. Woodland Meadow Sheet Set

  9. Library Ladder

  10. Lenox Bench — Canyon Coral

The 4-6 Weeks Project (Week Four)

I’m taking photographs of Eleanor and August each day until baby number three arrives, to document our last 4-6 weeks as a family of four. I first did this project to document our time as a family of three before August was born.

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The 4-6 Weeks Project: September 5

Eleanor, you’re getting good at drawing what you see. That’s our blue sofa and the fiddle leaf fig on the first floor, the TV upstairs, and the playroom on the third floor. You said you drew some toys and a ball on the floor of the playroom, because it’s messy. (Um, have you not seen the rest of the house right now, kid?)

The 4-6 Weeks Project: September 6

The bug-catching duo. We went outside to play and right away, you two spotted four of the squirmiest worms we’ve ever seen! Eleanor, you set about creating a home for them in that blue pail, while August, you dug to find more.

The 4-6 Weeks Project: September 7

We all went to the Renegade Craft Fair today, and you two were pretty tired by the end of the day. These balloons perked you up though! Well… briefly. The zombie’s head popped almost immediately. We got another head, and that one popped too. August, maybe it just means you’re a really good zombie slayer?

The 4-6 Weeks Project: September 8

Um, oops. Sorry, August! Sometimes mama needs a reminder that she is most definitely NOT a capable hairdresser, and that she should not be trusted with the scissors. (We’ll get thee to a professional soon. Promise. Plus you’re still adorable, botched haircut or not.)

The 4-6 Weeks Project: September 9

OK, that’s much better. A fresh haircut for you, August (to fix mama’s mistakes!), and a bang trim for you, Eleanor. Lookin’ good, guys.

The 4-6 Weeks Project: September 10

Eleanor, you made your own camera today from a box that you wanted to ‘recycle’ (reuse). You asked daddy to cut a rectangle in the front and a circle in the back, and then you added a shutter on top and a lens. Say “cheese!”

The 4-6 Weeks Project: September 11

It feels like fall! It wasn’t THAT cold this morning (about 50 degrees), but you insisted on hats and hoods. We did at least manage to get you both out the door and to school without being fully outfitted in the mittens and scarves you were wearing around the house after breakfast.

The Nursery, After Construction

Who’s ready for some pretty pictures? (Sorry to disappoint. It’s the nursery.)

The Nursery, Before

The Nursery, Before

The room is about 12’x12′ though the built-in cabinetry takes up 2′ of floor space along the window wall, and the doorway comes into the room 2′ as well. She doesn’t look like much yet, but see that radiator by the door? Here it is from another angle, not too long ago.

Second Floor Construction

Walls and a door are a big improvement.

The nursery will not be ready for the baby’s arrival — obviously. I would love to have it at least cleared out, cleaned up, and with primed (if not painted!) walls, but we’re 10 days from the due date. I don’t know if it’s going to happen. The important thing though is that there IS a nursery. It exists! There may still be a kitchen sink in the room, but at least it’s no longer hooked up!

The Nursery, Before

I’m due on the 26th, but I’m willing the baby to be born on the 23rd (it’s totally going to work, you guys). My birthday is on the 22nd, but my grandma’s is the 23rd and it would be very sweet if they could share the date. Brandon’s going to be working on the room, getting it presentable and trying to throw a coat of primer up, so we’ll see if the baby cooperates with my proposed timeline.

The Nursery, Before

The Nursery, Before

We’re using the brown glider and ottoman that we already have (not so stylish, but very comfortable), and our black jenny lind crib. You can see them in the old house, in both Eleanor’s and August’s nurseries. We don’t need a dresser or bookcase since we have a wall of built-in storage, so the room should come together pretty quickly and easily. Paint, a rug, fabric, art… I’m looking forward to the fun part of working on the nursery now!

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