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Style: August/September 2019

I went out last week specifically in search of a new skirt, and came home with two. I also tried on a shimmery metallic shirt on a whim and it’s the best! Soft like a tee, machine-washable, and comfy with some stretch, but able to go casual or dressy depending on the pairing. It also goes equally well with silver or gold tones. I don’t do a ton of OMG FALL WARDROBE SHOPPING (!!!), so it’s going to be these pieces, plus maybe a new sweater or two, but I feel like I have a lot of mix and match options here.

Style: September 2019
  1. Shimmer Puff Sleeve Tee, LOFT
  2. Area Glasses, Bonlook
  3. Rose Quartz and Mother-of-Pearl Gold-Plated Ring, J. Crew
  4. L’Absolu Rouge Hydrating Lipstick (Peut-Etre), Lancôme; Nordstrom
  5. Herieth Bag, Clare V.
  6. Pleated Maxi Skirt, Ann Taylor
  7. Building a Ladder Earrings, Lingua Nigra
  8. Helena Pump, Naturalizer; Nordstrom
Style: August/September 2019
  1. Face Earrings, Therese Kuempel Jewelry
  2. Faye Eyeglasses, Warby Parker
  3. Silk Skinny Bandana (Polka Dot Sweet Dahlia), Madewell
  4. Claude Bag, Sézane
  5. K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipstick (Love Bite), Charlotte Tilbury; Nordstrom
  6. Cropped Cap-Sleeve Crepe Top, J. Crew
  7. Polka Dot Full Skirt, Ann Taylor
  8. Brooke Ankle Strap Sandals, Madewell
  9. Rosalind Ring Set, Anthropologie
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