5 June 29, 2016

Folkland Bedroom

We’re taking Calvin’s crib out of his room soon, so I’ve been looking at beds. I feel like it’s wide open at this point. Wood, metal, upholstered? A Jenny Lind like Eleanor’s? A take on the cannonball bed, like our Quincy? Or I can pick up another IKEA bed to hack, so that not only will I have August’s in a half-finished state, there will be a second to work on! (That’s probably not the best idea. And I should finish that project, eh?)

I came across this upholstered headboard in my search. Isn’t the fabric fantastic? It has become pretty obvious to me that I like this sort of leafy, whimsical motif, with bonus points if there is some fauna among the flora. It’s the kind of print that can work well for a wide range of ages, so I had a little fun imagining it in a room with a decidedly non-toddler feel to it.

Folkland Bedroom

  1. Jones Acorn 8-Drawer Dresser
    Such simple lines, but would you look at that hardware?

  2. Uttermost Junius Round Gold Round Mirror
    This is the same oversized mirror I used in our bedroom.

  3. Oro Table Lamp
    Glam. The shade is lined in gold too.

  4. Delphine Chair
    The chair can be customized, but I like the stock green fabric.

  5. Ceramic Bud Vase
    A handmade vase is a nice counterpoint to some of the more sleek elements.

  6. Fez Wool Shag Rug, Ivory / Slate
    The texture of a shag rug is always so nice in a bedroom.

  7. Bexley Nesting Bedside Tables
    Spare lines and a brass finish. Plus a drawer! Always a plus in a bedside table.

  8. Häxört Bedding
    White bedding, but with one special detail.

  9. Folkland Loran Upholstered Headboard
    Available in another shape too. The print is so good!

Fun, right? It’s a contender for Calvin’s room, but it’s early on in the search. I’d love to see some good options if you have a favorite twin-sized bed!

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