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House Twinning: It’s a Thing?

I didn’t go to Target looking for new clothes, but how is one supposed to pass up a cute dress for less than $30 that perfectly coordinates with one’s living room? One doesn’t. I didn’t.

Dress Coordinating with the Living Room | Making it Lovely
Floral Dress - #HouseTwinning | Making it Lovely

Just a couple of days later, I was on Instagram Stories talking about making room for our new Noble dresser from Young House Love (a gift from John and Sherry, celebrating the launch of their furniture line) and realized I had dressed to match my house again. Accidentally, but perfectly. This called for photo documentation.

Color-Block Matching My House | Making it Lovely
Wide Leg Pants - #HouseTwinning | Making it Lovely

Two is a funny coincidence, but three is a series! That second match, I didn’t do on purpose; this one, I did. You can barely see me blending in with those stripes. Where’d I go!?

Black and White Striped Sofa, Matching Black and White Striped Top | Making it Lovely
Kilroy, but make it fashun
Kilroy, but make it fashion.
Black and White Stripes - #HouseTwinning | Making it Lovely

I can’t be the only one to dress like I decorate. What can we call this? The best I could think of was #housetwinning, but if you have a better idea, let me know. I had a whole lot of fun with this.

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