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I’ve been working on the house pretty much nonstop from the time I wake up until it’s time to sleep. It was too hot to sleep last night though, so when I found myself awake at 2 a.m., I started sketching.

Sketch - Marble Fireplace Styling

Someone recently used one of my previous sketches as the basis for her entryway, and I’ve heard from others that have used design boards and ideas for their homes too. I’m always so pleased! If you ever implement any of these, please send photos my way because it makes my day.

Sketch - Bedroom Nightstand and Wallpaper

I suppose if I’m going to share these occasionally (or more often?), I should come up with a better name. They’re not “sketchy” at all, it was just a quick play on words that wasn’t well thought out! Any suggestions?

Sketch - Pink Cockatoos

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