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Good Riddance!

I ripped out the intercom on the third floor a few hours ago.

See ya, old intercom!

It connected with one at the back door, a holdover from when our home had been converted into a 3-flat, and it still worked. Staticky, but in working order. For three years, I had kept it in place, not even thinking to take it out. It’s part of the house’s history! There’s nothing wrong with it! It’s not that bad! (Except it kinda was. Tan plastic, with old painted over wires trailing down, tacked down to the wall.)

As I was painting and cutting in around it, I thought the room would be better without it. I unscrewed the cover and the insides spilled out. I took off the mounting bracket and pulled the cord clips out with pliers all along the wall and baseboard. I sanded and smoothed the wall, and repainted. It’s so much better!

I’m not a purist. I’m not putting up decorative wallpaper borders and historically accurate heavy window treatments, and sometimes I *gasp* paint woodwork. Funny the things you think you need to hold on to sometimes in these old houses though! I don’t know why I waited so long to get rid of that clunker.