1 July 22, 2016

Honor Roll

The sandbox that I ordered arrived, and I spent yesterday assembling it. I also took the kids to a stone yard to pick out our pea gravel, and that’s here and waiting to go in. I’ve pulled weeds and relocated some of the plants from the area where the sandbox will go, but there’s more to do in preparing and leveling the site. I’d love to have it finished by the end of the weekend, but it has been hot, humid, and rainy, so I’m not sure if it’s going to happen.

I haven’t been excited about my weekly (or semi-weekly) Honor Roll posts lately because everything is horrible. I think we’re all feeling it, but I guess I’ve come to accept that this is probably how I’ll be feeling through the next several months at least? So we keep going. Good stuff is still happening.

These are the things that have made my Honor Roll.
Lady Elaine Fairchilde

  • Get the look of an original fashion hero: Lady Elaine Fairchilde.
    And check out who left the first comment. Ah, happiness.

  • Gwen has finished her amazing kitchen renovation, and the before and after post is up! SO GOOD.

  • A good pedestal table is a thing of beauty.

  • Brandon has mentioned wanting a Little Free Library in front of our house, but I’m not on board.
    “Little Free Library has a seductive marketing slogan that’s carved into the top of every unit: “Take a Book; Return a Book.” Such a simple equation. And such wishful thinking. Take? Oh, absolutely. People are, in fact, really good at that part. For example there was the young mom who lifted her toddler up to the box, watching uncritically as he scooped up “Imaginary Homelands,” Salman Rushdie’s collection of criticism and essays. Which I’m sure he enjoyed.”

  • Dance break. Animated.

  • Blue Feed, Red Feed is illuminating. Sad!