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Basement Laundry Room The Victorian House

Choosing Countertops for the Laundry Room

The laundry room is so close to being done! I just need to sew a shade for the window, and the sink installation is being held up by the countertop selection. Originally, I was thinking I would go with laminate in either a marble or soapstone look.

Formica and Wilsonart Laminate Countertop Options - Marble and Soapstone
Lowe’s is sponsoring the reveal, so I grabbed a million little swatches from them to see what I liked. These were the ones I had narrowed it down to; Marmo Bianco and Basalt Slate are my favorites.

The laminate options on the market today look amazing, and I still stand by them as a solid choice, but I’ve realized that it isn’t what I want for the room.

I’ve shimmed and leveled the cabinets and they’re secured in place, and I laid a faux-marble tabletop across so we would have a surface to use while I decided on the real counters. It’s pretty! But I like continuity throughout a home and I’m not planning on adding Carrara marble to the house (other than on furniture — love that table in my office), and it feels out of place. The dark soapstone look was becoming less appealing to me too as other elements came together. I got it in my head that butcher block might actually be the way to go, but that didn’t seem like the perfect solution either.

What I really wanted, I realized, was to do a wood counter like in our kitchen, or the tops of the cabinet sections in the library. And you can’t just buy them in the store because you have to make them. Eureka. I need to make my counters.

Counters for the Laundry Room

Because what is this house missing? Unpainted wood. Nope, none of that to be found here.

Kitchen Windows with Indow Inserts | Making it Lovely

Rejuvenation Hood Pendant and Collen and Company Tassel Sconces in Making it Lovely's Library

It’s going to be great. It’s certainly going to have continuity (ha)!

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