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We’ve just returned from a family reunion this weekend at Backbone State Park in Iowa. It was a lovely trip, but we’re glad to be home too.

I’m feeling a bit… overwhelmed, trying to get back into the rhythm of things. Do you ever feel this way? Already today I have overnighted a package to a magazine for a fun project in the works, invoiced an overseas customer for a bulk order from the shop, processed five other Pink Loves Brown orders, and I am now working on a crafty tutorial to go along with that package I shipped to the magazine. I also let Eleanor nap on me this morning which didn’t do much for my productivity, but it is one of my favorite things to do. Anyway, it’s wonderful to be so busy (so much better than not having any work coming in), but it is sometimes difficult to find enough hours in a day.

And oh my, Brandon bought The Twilight Saga for me. No, I hadn’t read any of them, and I hadn’t seen any of the movies, and I hadn’t intended to. We were discussing the series the other day though and I mentioned that I hadn’t heard of anyone being disappointed in reading the books. I said that while they are certainly not serious literature, they must be fun to read. So he surprised me with the full set. Hardcover. Complete with a decorative slipcase and limited edition print. I’m already almost finished with the first book (they go quickly), and I can’t wait to keep reading.

I’ve also been greatly enjoying reading your questions for John Gidding. If you haven’t added yours yet (for the chance to win some pretty amazing prizes), feel free to do so here. We’ll be answering as many as we can on Thursday night at 8:30 EST during our Twitter Chat (follow along with #AmexHome), but you’ve also given me some ideas for future topics here on Making it Lovely.

Let me leave you with this photo today. I think it’s hilarious, but it also makes me think I should just stop for a few minutes, close my eyes, and relax. Om…


Pink Loves Brown in Romantic Homes Magazine

Two sets of my bookplates from Pink Loves Brown were featured in the May 2010 issue! Thank you, Romantic Homes Magazine.

You Still Have Time!

You can still place an order from my shop, Pink Loves Brown, and receive your items by Christmas! The last day to order is this Sunday. May I make a few suggestions?

Paper suitcases ($11.50 – $14.50) can be a gift on their own, or they can be filled with all kinds of goodies.
paper suitcases

Bookplates ($8 – $21) are excellent stocking stuffers, and they’re great for teachers and coworkers.

Pocket mirrors (only $6.50!) are great stocking stuffers too.
pocket mirrors

And of course you can’t go wrong with personalized stationery ($20 – $51).
personalized stationery

Or you can give personalized stationery (yes, it can be personalized at no extra cost!) in a paper suitcase gift set ($38).
paper suitcase gift set

Just remember to place those orders by Sunday, and choose Priority mail (it’s faster). Thanks, and happy holidays!

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