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Our first house, as we bought it (2007):

And the house, as we left it (2013):

Goodbye, house.
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La La La La Lovely Library

Sometimes I can’t come up with a snappy title. Sing it to this.

Under the Eaves in the Library

Hey, I can finally share more pictures of the library! I took these photos last month, shortly after adding the new coffee/play table to the space. Then my computer died and the little laptop I bought to work on while traveling (since I was doing so much of that last year) wasn’t powerful enough to edit RAW photo files. Luckily, my old computer was still under warranty, and I’m now working on a brand new replacement. It took a while to get it, but it’s here and it’s zippy!

Anyway, wide angle shots.

Making it Lovely's Library

Making it Lovely's Library

Got your bearings? Good. Let’s get closer.

Eleanor and August each have toys in their rooms, but we also keep a fabric bin full of stuffed animals for both of them in the library. It eliminates some of the “mine!” dibs to have them on neutral ground. That’s why it’s so good to have the castle out there too.

Stuffed Animals

Clearly I put the cutest toys on top.

The fiddle leaf fig is still doing well. We had a rough first couple of weeks, but now it’s thriving.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

I’d wanted a Michelle Armas painting forever, and when the one I really wanted sold out before I could commit to buying it, I was disappointed. When I spotted that smaller pink and orange one, I bought it right away, even though I wasn’t sure where I’d put it. Turns out it was just what I needed for the library. I also picked up one of those cube sculpture things I featured here.

Michelle Armas Painting in Making it Lovely's Library

And look! Decorating with books, in a library! What will I think of next?

Making it Lovely's Library

The New Coffee/Play Table

We’ll have space for a play table in August’s room once he transitions from a crib to a bed and we’re able to take the glider and ottoman out. I was thinking about using our old coffee table, but Brandon pointed out that the whole reason we replaced it was because we were worried about its stability. Putting it in his room started to seem like a pretty bad idea, even though it would have looked cute.

I spotted a wood and sandstone coffee table that I liked at the Crate & Barrel outlet when I was there with my friend Kathryn (we met when I redesigned her bedroom), so I bought it. It’s similar to my old table, but slightly larger and a whole lot sturdier.

Playmobil Castle in a Home Library

Playmobil Castle

You like how I ‘styled’ it? It’s officially a play table now. (Funny thing about that Playmobile castle — I saw it last year at Berwyn’s Toys & Trains, and I joked to the kids that “daddy would really like that toy.” Guess who bought it?)

Playing with a Playmobil Castle

Actually, keeping the table in the library may turn out to be a better plan than moving it to August’s room. It fits the space well and looks fine, but has the added bonus of being neutral territory. If the castle was in either kid’s room, there would be more fighting over it because it’s seen as theirs, but out in the library they share it pretty well. I had to take the nesting side tables away that were next to the chair though, which I’d painted specifically for that space and liked. Too many tables, you know? Now I’m not sure if they’re coming back.

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