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These are always fun for me to put together. Which pieces would you pick to pull together a little reading corner? Below, I’ll show you which ones I’d choose!
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Let’s Put Together a Reading Corner

A Girly Pink Bathroom

Eleanor was pretty excited about the Method soap that came this month. She claimed the pink bottle for herself and declared that the green one was for August, then washed her hands about twenty times. I told my contact over there that they have got the toddler market covered.

Inspired by the pink your sink campaign this month, I gathered a few options for a cute, girly bathroom.

Girly Pink Bathroom

  1. Mini Dot Shower Curtain

  2. Diamond Grass Cloth Parsons Mirror

  3. Ung Drill Mirror (painted pink)

  4. Which ones would you pick? I'll show you my choices below!

  5. Eleanor Frameless Mirror

  6. Method Mimosa Sun Hand Wash

  7. Method Botanical Garden Hand Wash

  8. Birdcage Shower Curtain

  9. Zinnia Rose Shower Curtain

  10. Pink Towel

  11. Hot Pink Towel

  12. Petal Mirror

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Let’s Choose an Occasional Seating Area

I’ve been on the lookout for a good bench for a while now. For years, in fact. I don’t know if any of these are quite right for my home, but I like picturing these in a tucked away corner, in front of a window. Nothing so cozy as a favorite armchair or welcoming couch is needed here — just a quick perch for the occasional party guest when there are no other seats available.

I’ll show you which three things I’d choose below, and I’d love to know which you’d pick as well.
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