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On My Nightstand

This is not a clever new title for a post about which books are metaphorically on my bedside table. No, it is literally the stack of books and other things that I have been making my way through lately. Like a “what’s in your bag?” post, but heavier! Unstyled for authenticity (though I did take the picture this morning, as opposed to last night when I actually wrote this).

So many books to read! So little sleep!

Let’s dive in, shall we? Very brief summaries ahead.

The Humorous Memoirs

Why Not Me?, Mindy Kaling
Her first book was a collection of things that had happened to her, but this is more of a peek into why she thinks the way she does. A brilliant, funny, and inspiring read.

Furiously Happy, Jenny Lawson
We’re all a little weird and wonderful, Jenny perhaps more so than most (and that’s why we all love her).

The Magazines

One Kings Lane: Style Your Season
Impulse buy at the checkout. “One Kings Lane made a magazine? Is this a regular thing? Buying that.” A pricey impulse buy ($14 for a magazine), but I was curious. It is the new Domino model (create a magazine to drive sales to the shop) in reverse. With a holiday twist!

House Beautiful
I subscribe, and this is the magazine I most look forward to every month.

Martha Stewart Living
Another subscription, another I always look forward to. Martha, my love.

The Decorating Books

Pink, Lisa Cregan for House Beautiful
Well of course I bought this. (The author, Lisa Cregan, wrote a piece on me ages ago for Chicago Tribune Magazine! To this day, I think it’s the only bit of press I’ve received that my dad is aware of.)

Styled, Emily Henderson
There is decorating info to be gleaned from the book and the photos are beautiful, but the core of the book truly is about how to style (especially for photos) vs. how to decorate or design a space.
I suppose it should be noted that I did not use Emily’s tips to style the photo for this post. If I had, you would have noticed smaller, neater stacks, a color story, and perhaps a throw placed just so. Also real flowers. And a plant. And some ceramic bells on the wall.

Habitat, Lauren Liess
Whereas Styled is about the finishing touches, this is about the substance and planning that goes into a successful room. The field guide approach is smart, and this has been the best read of the decorating bunch.

Beekman 1802 Style, Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell
Photos are pulled from the Country Living archives, making this a sort of highly edited Pinterest board (albeit from a single source) come to life. That said, the photos and point of view are fantastic and I love their take on historical homes and new country style.

Modern Mix, Eddie Ross
Inventive layouts and photo spreads (pulled straight from the Martha Stewart Living handbook it would seem), with useful and inventive ideas for rescuing and repurposing finds you may have otherwise overlooked.

Absolutely Beautiful Things, Anna Spiro
A riot of color and fun, and of course, absolutely beautiful things.

The Board Books

Daddy Loves Me, DK
This would be creepy if it were there for me.

Pajama Time, Sandra Boynton
Some are pink and some are green. Some are the ugliest you’ve ever seen.

The Extras

Fake flowers that are so fake it makes me smile (those peonies are the size of my baby’s head!) and a brass lamp. An alarm clock, an iPhone, a toy iPhone, a dimmer switch, and Nintendo 3DS with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. Glass water bottle with a small motivational quote below the heart (“it’d be really nice if you had your shit together a little more.”), Rosebud Salve, two pairs of glasses, and my daughter’s hair tie. Missing: the usual assortment of Star Wars guys that somehow make their way over here.

Design Mom’s Book and Book Tour (Hey, Chicago!)

Gabrielle Blair, of Design Mom, is coming to Chicago tomorrow, for the next stop on her book tour. I’ll be helping her host a DIY session at the Lincoln Park Pottery Barn, making the You Are Special Today plates from the book. You can sign up for one of the craft spots, or just come down to meet Gabrielle and pick up a copy of her book to be signed from 6-8 o’clock!

You Are Special Today Plate DIY

The book is amazing. Here’s a little peek inside at some of my favorite parts.

Design Mom, Gabrielle Blair

Design Mom, Gabrielle Blair

Design Mom, Gabrielle Blair

Design Mom, Gabrielle Blair

I’m so glad Gabrielle’s coming to town and I hope to see a bunch of you at the event tomorrow night. If you haven’t met her before, you’re in for a treat!

Adopt an Idea from ‘The New Bohemians’

The New Bohemians, Justina Blakeney

The New Bohemians by Justina Blakeney, of The Jungalow, just went on sale today and I’m helping kick off her blogger book tour! The book features photos by Dabito of twenty homes divided into sub-styles like The Modern, Romantic, or Maximal Bohemian, with DIY projects at the end of each section. The images are gorgeous and fun to flip through, but you can also dive deeper to get an idea of who lives in each home and see how they embody bohemian style in various ways.

The New Bohemians, Justina Blakeney

I like to revisit my favorite interior design books over and over, because I get something different out of them each time. I could be looking for layouts, color combinations, or certain pieces of furniture, and with a specific search in mind, I often pick up on things I may have not have noticed the first (or fifth!) time around. That’s why I love the “Adopt an Idea” section at the end of each home tour in The New Bohemians; Justina highlights a few interesting ideas that you may have missed otherwise. Here are a few of my favorites…

The New Bohemians Book: Adopt an Idea

Paint it Black

Erica’s dressers are all glossy and black. If you have an old dresser that needs a little love, paint in black. Add brass hardware for shine and let it patina.

Adopt an Idea from the home of Erica Tanov & Steven Emerson, p. 217 (pictured above)

hr 644

Window Win

It can be tough to know how to decorate around a low window, so when in doubt, add plants! Plant an indoor garden on a low bench: The plants will get the light they need, but you’ll still benefit from the light, too.

Adopt an Idea from the home of Anne Parker & Alea Joy, p.77

hr 644

Shape Up

Paint a shape, for instance a blue rectangle, on the wall and hang a shelf painted to match. The result is an instant art installation where you can store and display your favorite objects.

Adopt an Idea from the home of Justina Blakeney & Jason Rosencrantz, p. 289

hr 644

Create a Wall

If you’re short on wall space, float your bed in the center of the room and use the headboard as an additional wall. Then use space behind the bed to maximize storage.

Adopt an Idea from the home of Marika Wagle, p. 49 (pictured below)

The New Bohemians Book: Adopt an Idea

There are three or four design tips for each featured home in the book, and of course plenty of other information shared throughout, so the above examples are just a fraction of what’s inside. The New Bohemians is available now, and you can check Justina’s book tour to see who else will be featuring more from the book each day.

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