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Photo 101: The Book

Nicole Hill Gerulat sent this book to me after she read that I was looking to improve my photography skills. It’s a companion to her Photo 101 course, which I wrote about separately.

First off, I learned a lot about my camera in just the first ten pages. I’ve read (OK, glanced) through my camera’s instruction manual before, but the features and functions never made as much sense to me as they did after reading the first chapter. I was excited! Then I read this:

It should not take 1,000 shots (or even 10) to get the right one. Who has that kind of time? Or hard drive space? The goal here is to get our percentages up so that at least 80% of a shoot is portfolio-worthy.

Say what? I sat up a little straighter in my chair. I’ve always been of the ‘take a million shots and hope for a few good ones’ school. Happily, my percentage has been improving, thanks in large part to Nicole.

Photo 101 Textbook by Nicole Hill Gerulat

Maps by Lena Corwin

Before I knew who Lena Corwin was (and long before I started following her blog), I admired her illustrated maps. Now Lena has compiled twenty of her favorites and released them as a book. Of course I had to buy my copy right away (and you should too).

Maps by Lena Corwin

Kerouac Luggage Tag

Pretty fantastic. Though you’ve read On the Road, right? Do I want my suitcase telling people I’m on a peyote-feuled trip? But then again, look. Orange! Cute! Bookish!

REMO General Store (via Swiss Miss)

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