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Fab March

Fab March Guide

Fab always has fun finds from big design names along with independent designers, so I like working with them to highlight some of my favorites. Here’s what I’ve got my eye on right now.

  1. Ciao Travel Tags
    All the easier to spot your luggage by.

  2. Decorative Ampersand
    Because I have a thing for decorative ampersands.

  3. Walnut and Leather Wall Shelves
    These are gorgeous. Pricey, but gorgeous.

  4. Lilac Pantone Business Card Holder
    I may pick this one up to hold a few of my pink and gold business cards.

  5. Hello Foil Card Set
    Rifle Paper can pretty much do no wrong.

  6. Red Medicine Cabinet
    I have this in white, in my basement bathroom.

  7. Flower in a Can: Impatiens
    The cute container will decorate a sunny spot while you wait for the flowers to bloom.

  8. Gold Stripe Thank You Cards
    Simple and pretty, and the shiny gold makes them special.

  9. Mother and Child Tray
    I’ve always liked the illustrations on these Vitra trays.

  10. Lilac Pantone Mug
    Hot chocolate would be extra nice in this mug, and it would be cute as a vase, too.

  11. Pinch and Pair Set
    Four little containers that can store and stack.

  12. Amazing Pink Tea Towel
    Why not treat the care details as a design element?

Blue and Green Kitchen

I found this image on my hard drive that I had saved in 2009. Oh, the era before Pinterest! Oh, the folders upon folders of “Some Things I Like!” Oh, the inability to track down where I had gotten the image from.

Sky Blue and Olive Green Kitchen by Philippe Harden in Paris

I don’t like to share unsourced images, so I set to tracking this one down. I finally found it (Remodelista credits the kitchen to a Parisian architect, Phillippe Harden), and was rewarded with additional photos of the space.

Kitchen by Philippe Harden
Kitchen by Philippe Harden

I’ve got to get cracking on those curtains in the kitchen so I could play around with the palette in Photoshop. I don’t know that I want to go this colorful, but… maybe I kind of do now? I have to give it some thought.

Sky Blue and Olive Green Kitchen by Philippe Harden in Paris

Fab Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Fab Valentine's Day Gift Guide

I’m working with Fab again, this time to share my favorite quirky finds from their Valentine’s Day gift shop. As usual, I spotted some of my favorite independent designers among the offerings.

  1. Son Of A Sailor Durango Pink Necklace
    Pink and brass? Thank you for combining my two favorites into something I can wear around my neck.

  2. Rococco-LA Flowering Heart Print
    Such a good print.

  3. AMINIMAL Central Park Earrings
    This would be a sweet token to remember a New York romance by. Or for architecture nerds and urban planners – whatevs.

  4. Core Bamboo Heart Cutting Board
    Is there symbolism in taking a knife to a heart-shaped cutting board? Maybe, but it’s just so cute.

  5. The Social Dept Baby Tee
    I carried a watermelon.

  6. M.G. BAKER Bow Tie
    I love this. Brandon wore a pink tie to our wedding, but bow ties are having their moment now.

  7. ASHKAHN a.bird, b. booty Print
    Hey professor, what’s another word for pirate treasure?

  8. 1965 Playboy Pair
    Dirty magazines seem kitschy and campy when they’re vintage.

  9. chain chain chained Necklace
    Brandon gave me this necklace for Christmas. It’s really sweet, and I’ve been wearing mine a lot.

  10. RIFLE + RADFORD Rafferty Ring
    Aquamarine plays nicely with just about everything.

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